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Disney World Package Discounts and Specials

How do Disney Package Discounts Work?

Should Disney release a discount after you've paid your deposit, you may absolutely take advantage of it. Please be aware that discounts are always subject to availability. Many people often ask why they can see a resort is available when they do a search, but the availability that's showing is typically at rack rate (full price).

Disney keeps their room inventories separated. They have one inventory of rooms for full price, then another for this discount, and another for that discount. You may see mention of "discount codes" – those codes tell Disney's booking engines which room inventory it should be checking.

When Disney releases a discount, they take a certain number of rooms to create a whole new inventory. And once they've sold that discounted inventory, it's usually gone. They can add more to it, or other guests can cancel which creates additional inventory.

It's always worth it to keep checking back. If a discount is released, Disney does not automatically apply it to your reservation. You have to watch for a discount. If you see one is released, you have to make a call to Disney and ask them to apply the discount to your reservation.

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Below is a list of current Walt Disney World Package discounts.

General Public - Package Discounts and Special Offers

Check back for general public Walt Disney World vacation package discounts!

Disney Plus - Package Discounts & Special Offers

There are currently no Disney Plus package discounts available.

Disney Visa - Package Discounts

There are currently no Disney Visa Cardholder package discounts available.

Florida Residents - Package Discounts
There are currently no Florida Resident package discounts available.

Canadian Residents - Package Discounts

There are currently no package discounts for Canadian residents.


Our agents will assist you in booking the perfect Disney getaway, all at no extra cost to you. Get the most out of your dream vacation by letting us assist you with dining and park reservations, provide expert advice, answer any questions, and continuously search for discounts to ensure you get the best deal possible.