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    Canada: There are two shopping options in the Canada pavilion, the Northwest Mercantile store and The Trading Post. Upon entering Northwest Mercantile, you will see Kitras Art Glass. These gorgeous ornaments are handmade in Canada to resemble one of the four seasons. The store offers Hatley clothing, Roots fragrances and athletic wear, Deauville perfume, Ice Wines, body care items, and Canadian hockey gear. Christmas ornaments depicting woodland creatures are also found here. At The Trading Post maple products abound. You can find syrup, candies, tea, and cookies. If you are looking for handmade native jewelry this store offers ‘O Canada’ (made on Prince Edward Island) and ‘Monague’ (made in British Columbia). Their other souvenirs include Maplefoot Babies stuffed animals, Anne of Green Gables books, BOMA totem poles, and faux raccoon and skunk skin caps.

    The outdoor kiosks feature Off Kilter and Illuminations CDs, personalized leather and pewter, Canadian flags, t-shirts, pins, mugs, and other collectible items.

    ChinaThe Yong Feng Shangdian shop is one of the largest shopping destinations in the World Showcase. It has a wide variety of merchandise from silk clothing, lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlay furniture, Yixing teapots and jade carvings, to stuffed pandas, incense, candles, and paper fans. Beijing Cloisonne Ware is one of the specialty items found here, as well as, Chinese lanterns, Oriental carpets and Jingdezhen Chinaware. In the jewelry section of the store you will find gorgeous coral, jade, and crystal pieces. After walking through the entire shop you exit into an open air market that offers books on meditation, calligraphy and the Chinese language. You will also find childrens’ toys and Kidcot.

    FranceThere are an abundance of shops, and merchandise, to choose from in the pavilion of France. Perfumes and colognes are the featured items in the "Plume et Palette." Chanel, Escada, Givenchy, and Lacoste can be found as well as two Parisian perfumiers, Jean Patou and Annick Goutal. The "Guerlain" signature store not only features fragrances but has their full line of cosmetics.

    At "La Maison du Vin", guests can sample wines (for a fee) and purchase their favorite French wines along with a variety of wine accessories. Maxim’s de Paris chocolates, cookies, Marat D’Avignon kitchen linens, soaps by E.Barret & Co., and Emile Henry cookware are other items offered in this store. 

    “Souvenirs de France” carries the typical type of French souvenir like the beret, miniature Eiffel Tower, t-shirt, and the Paris purse. The more interesting items are the many books on French artists, cities, and the language itself, and the infant toys by Latitude Enfant. All areas of the France pavilion are wheelchair accessible.

    Germany: While there is no ride or attraction in the Germany pavilion, shoppers will enjoy the wide variety of quaint shops. Der Teddy bar is a toy shop with Steiff stuffed animals, Engel Puppen dolls, Medieval themed toys, finger puppet theaters, and of course, teddy bears. In the Volkskunst, you'll find beer steins of all sizes, including an Epcot limited edition stein. This shop is also where you will find felt hats, cow bells, original Black Forest Cuckoo clocks, and hand painted eggs. 'Grimm’s Fairy Tales', 'Berlin Then and Now', and 'A 400 Year History of the Stein' are just a few of the books you will encounter.

    If you enjoy fine wines and spirits, you must visit the Weinkeller where you will also find German wine guides. The Sussigkeiten is the place to satisfy that sweet tooth with an assortment of homemade fudge and nut clusters, pretzels, chocolate, cookies, and Haribo brand candies. Learn to cook authentic German recipes with one of the many German cookbooks found in this store. It is Christmas year-round in Die Weihnachts Ecke where you'll find Christmas decorations of all kinds, plus the Christmas pickle. The Kunstarbeit In Kristal offers crystal jewelry by Swarovski, Princessa Plata, and Brillanti by Crystal World. They also carry fine crystal pieces by Arribas, Arnstadt, Nachtmann, Anna Hutte and Swarovski. Glaskunst is the outdoor shop which sells Arribas glassware and they offer engraving.

    There is a deliciously-smelling caramel shop, Karamelle-Küche, in Germany that features freshly made caramel corn, caramel apples, strawberries, marshmallows. The store also carries gourmet caramels, cookies, brownies, fudge, cupcakes, and many other delicious treats.

    Italy: There are many quaint little shops offering a broad variety of Italian merchandise. You will discover fine Florentine soaps, Illy espresso coffee, and hand-made paper mache Venetian masks. Creamy Italian chocolates, traditional snacks and Italian wines are also found here. The pavilion has a large selection of cookbooks covering Rome, Tuscany, Naples, and Italian Farmhouse cooking. If beautiful crystal, fine Murano glassware and porcelain figures are your heart's desires, a stop at "Il Bel Cristallo" is a must. In this store, you will also find San Lorenzo Venetian glass jewelry, Antica Murrina jewelry, Pulicati leather handbags, Ferrari merchandise, and a nice selection of Italian perfumes.

    Japan: A replica of the coronation and ceremonial halls of Japan's Imperial Palace is home to the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Named for the oldest department store in the world, the original store goes back three centuries. This shop is “the mall” of Epcot’s World Showcase where you will find a large variety of Japanese gifts and souvenirs. You will see everything from Hello Kitty and Tamagotchis to traditional Japanese footwear and clothing, including kimonos. "Anime" trading cards, i-Pets, Kingdom Hearts 2 action figures, and model cars are just a few of the cool items for children. The Mikimoto Store is a must see that showcases a gorgeous selection of pearl jewelry. If you're looking for a more affordable keepsake, Pick-A-Pearl is quite reasonable. The extensive selection of books covers Japanese gardening and architecture, martial arts, origami, cooking, and learning the Japanese language. They also have an expanded section of the store for items pertaining to Japanese cooking, in particular for sushi preparation and serving. Several of the unique souvenirs available are bonsai trees, Iwach Wind Bells, the Japanese Tea Kettle, and Calligraphy brushes. If you have a more traditional souvenir in mind they carry chopsticks, Japanese lanterns and fans, and incense. Do not forget to check out the Sake Tasting Bar located in the back of the shop. In this area you can sample sake and purchase your favorite along with a Sake serving set.

    Mexico: The Plaza de Los Amigos offers some authentic Mexican souvenirs and treasures. In the Artesanias La Familia Fashions you'll find casual Mexican styled clothing and jewelry for women and children. Souvenirs and gifts from Northern Mexico are found in El Ranchito del Norte. Vendor's carts offer home décor gifts, silver jewelry, and other Mexican souvenirs such as sombreros, piñatas, pottery and worry dolls.

    Morocco: Moroccan fine jewelry, traditional clothing and shoes, Camel bone mirrors, and handmade daggers are found in the "Tangier Traders." The "Brass Bazaar" features mosaic fountains, Thuya wood, and brass or silver decorative plates and mirrors. This shop also has an Outdoor Bazaar where ceramic tiles, native instruments, and handmade baskets can be found. The "Medina Arts" offers Moroccan crafts such as the traditional ceramic Tajne and beautifully designed ceramic plates. Find hand knotted carpets and rugs in "Casablanca Carpets" as well as glass lanterns and the Marrakesh wall sconces. Directly across from the main pavilion there is a shop called Souk-Al-Magreb. They offer some of the same items found in the other stores of Morocco. The couscous pot can be found here along with Sadaf brand couscous. Fez hats, wind chimes, Henna Lamps, rose water, and an instructional DVD for belly dancing are also available. All areas of Morocco are wheelchair accessible.

    Norway: The Fjording is the main shop located in the Norway pavilion. You will find a large selection of books on trolls, Vikings, Scandinavian cuisine, Norwegian Proverbs, and Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. If tasting some of the local snacks is more your style, check out the chocolate, Swedish preserves, and Nordic sweets. This shop offers an extensive collection of sterling silver jewelry, including, OpRo Designs, Hilde Fostveit, and Hasla. The Norwegian scents sold here for men and women are Geir: The Power of Norwary and Laila: The essence of Norway. They offer Norwegian trolls in all shapes and sizes, Konge Tinn Royal pewter, Linie Aquavit, and Tommeliten Knives. The clothing for men, women, and children are made by Dale of Norway and Helly Hansen. 

    United KingdomThe shops feature the treasures of various regions of the United Kingdom. In “The Toy Soldier", medieval castle playsets, swords & shields, real feather quills, and UK themed childrens' books and movies are found. This store is also the Kidcot Fun Stop for the United Kingdom. "The Crown and Crest" is the place to find your beer stein, glass or mug with the crest of your favorite UK country. They also offer Rose & Crown t-shirts and hats along with a great selection of Beatles merchandise. An array of swords, daggers, and knives are on display near the room of Family Crests. In this section of the shop have your Family crest placed on a ring or plaque; or, have it embroidered and framed. "Fancy Goods for Lords and Ladies" offers perfume, cologne, jewelry, and body care to fit all budgets. The brands available include Kit Heath Celtic jewelry, Asprey of London frangrances, and Feel Good Formulas Body Care.

    Belleck Fine Parian China (made in Ireland) is sold in "The Queen's Table." This shop also carries native music and books from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Scottish or Welsh tartans and ties are found here, as well as, bagpipes and the Welsh "Love Spoon." "The Sportsmans' Shop" offers all things rugby and soccer including, clothing, balls, hats, and books. Tea lovers will not want to miss the selection of bagged and loose teas, teapots, biscuits, and candy found in "The Tea Caddy."

    United States: The "Heritage Manor Gifts" shop is disappointingly small. You'll find a very limited selection of shirts, bags, and basic souvenirs (ironically, most of which is made in China.)


    World Celebration | World Nature | World Discovery

    Creations Shop - Located in the World Celebration neighborhood and has everything you used to be able to find in the old Mouse Gear.

    creations shop

    Camera Center - Located under Spaceship Earth provides all camera accessories (including video camera batteries), lens covers, lens, and yes, even disposable cameras.

    Gateway Gifts - Located under Spaceship Earth offers various Epcot apparel and souvenirs.

    Journey into Imagination - Figment gifts and film

    The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Jewelry and 'aquatic' gifts

    The Land - Soarin' items

    Club Cool - This ship is sponsored by Coca-Cola and gives guests the chance to try complimentary samples of flavored sodas from around the world. There are 8 flavors available, including the famous "Beverly" soda. The shop also offers a variety of Coca-Cola merchandise for sale. The new Club Cool location can be found just behind Creations Shop and can be accessed via the breezeway.

    Club Cool

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