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Disney's Hollywood Studios - Smugglers Run

Hollywood Studios Rides and Attractions


Millennium Falcon - Smugglers Run

Opened: August 29, 2019

Ride length: TBD
Height Requirement: 38 inches


Chewbacca has flown the Falcon to the Black Spire Outpost for repairs. In exchange for needed parts, Chewie has loaned the ship to smuggler Hondo Ohnaka for a mission which turns out to be the focus of the attraction. Hondo is a Weequay pirate who is always looking for the next big opportunity. Hondo runs Ohnaka Transport Solutions, a "legitimate business" on Batuu. He asks for help from guests as he has more cargo than he can handle and needs extra flight crews...especially those that won't ask a lot of questions.

You’ll be immersed into this adventure before you even step inside the cockpit. Guests will board the Falcon through an access hatch on the starboard airlock, then spend some time in the lounge where they can sit at the infamous Dejarik table or check out the ship's equipment. 

Smugglers Run will see groups of guests set foot in the iconic starship for an epic adventure, each member assigned specific roles — including pilots, gunners, and flight enigineers — that are crucial to arriving safely at their destination. How well these amateur smugglers perform matters, as they will earn "galactic credits." If you bring back the Millennium Falcon “banged up” at the end of your mission you’ll wind up on the list of a bounty hunter; if you end up on Harkos’s list you won’t want to head to the local cantina, or else you might face a big problem there — or so we hear.

Lightning Lane: Yes

Handicapped Accessibility: Guests in wheelchairs must transfer from the chair to ride.


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