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Magic Kingdom - The Hall of Presidents

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  • The Hall of Presidents

    • Year Opened: 1971
    • Show Length: 21 minutes and 35 seconds
    • Lightning Lane: No

    The Hall of Presidents proves that Disney does know how to promote patriotism. This attraction will not disappoint those who might enjoy a bit of Americana with that Disney touch.

    The atrium/pre-show area is full of Presidential portraits and memorabilia. In the atrium, you’ll find several small exhibits. For example, one of the exhibits displays “The Making of The Hall of Presidents,” which showcases how the models are sculpted, how their attire is selected, and how the entire process takes shape. If you are a real history nut, make sure you get into the atrium long before the show starts to check out each and every one of the remarkable displays!

    Once you get in the theater, the show begins with a digitally projected film, and the voice of a calming narration. The film highlights a number of defining moments by our country's Presidents. This show is much more than just a history lesson on the American Presidency, but an example of the power of the American spirit.

    Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address. Smooth and flawless in his motions, there is no indication this is an audio-animatronic on the stage and not a real, live human being.

    Fun Fact - In the atrium/pre-show of The Hall of Presidents there is the Great Seal of the United States, and it took an act of Congress in order for Disney to display the seal.

    Lincoln sits back down and the movie and narrative continues with a focus on the struggles that all Presidents face as they strive to perform a most unenviable job. Names and faces like Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama remind us that each President faces his own challenges during his time in office.

    The curtain rises and we see all of the Presidents. They are introduced to the audience one at a time in the order of their Presidency. The introductions are much more fluid and much quicker than in the past, which is a welcome change to those of us who are waiting for them to ’speak’. When the Presidents are named, you'll see a lot of realistic gestures such as nodding, a bit of fidgeting and the occasional whisper.

    All of the clothing on the figures is an authentic reproduction of their respective eras, including the braces on Franklin Delano Roosevelt's legs.

    Donald Trump personally recorded his figure's speech, as every President has done since Bill Clinton. The remaining speaking part in the show belongs to George Washington.

    The Hall of Presidents is best suited for adults. Unless your child is a real history buff, chances are they're going to be bored. Still, if the park is busy and/or hot, sinking into one of the 700 comfy theater seats for a bit is a nice break.

    Handicapped Accessibility: The theatre is wheelchair accessible.

    For hearing impaired guests, reflective captioning is available (ask a Cast Member at the entrance for assistance), and Assistive Listening devices can be used here (check at Guest Services for details).

    Fun Facts:  While the Hall was envisioned by Walt Disney, it was actually completed by his brother Roy.

    Each one of the first 43 presidents were sculpted by Disney artist Blaine Gibson. Gibson has since passed away, and the prestigious honor was handed down to Gibson's protégé Valerie Edwards, who created President Obama’s figure.

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