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Saddle up and mosey on into this re-creation of an Old West town. Guests can enjoy the thrills of a wild runaway train ride, enjoy a leisurely riverboat cruise, watch an Old West stage show and so much more.

Sailing Ship Columbia


Experience a full-circle cruise tour of the Rivers of America around Tom Sawyer Island aboard the first 3-masted windjammer to be built in the United States in over 100 years. You may also visit below deck to view the galley and living quarters in the ship's museum. The Columbia is also used during the nighttime spectacular ‘Fantasmic’.

Frontierland  Sailing Ship Columbia

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


This fast-paced roller coaster takes you on a journey back in time as you travel through a rustic re-creation of a gold mining town. You’ll board an open-air railcar on the "runaway" mine train. You’ll want to hold on tight as the train twists and turns through tunnels and caverns. Watch out for landslides, earthquakes and an explosive finish! This ride is especially fun at night.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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Frontierland Shootin' Exposition


Shoot up Boot Hill and see what happens in this laser gun-shooting gallery. There is an extra charge for this attraction.

Golden Horseshoe Stage
The Golden Horseshow Revue was one of the Parks original 17 attractions and ending up being the world's longest running stage show, from 07/17/55 to 10/12/86.
The stage is currently the home of the Showdown at The Golden Horseshoe!
A pair of piano players take turns playing iconic numbers from the Old West, and even take requests from the audience. In addition to the entertainment at this sit-down theater, you will also find food being served which includes chicken nuggets, fish & chips, chili, ice cream sundaes and soft drinks.
Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis for each show. Reservations are not accepted.

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Mark Twain Riverboat


Experience a full-circle cruise tour of the Rivers of America around Tom Sawyer Island upon this steam-powered stern-wheeler paddlewheel boat. It’s a delightful and relaxing journey that brings the past to life. The Riverboat is one of Park's original 17 attractions.

Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island


These authentic looking rafts are the only transportation to Tom Sawyer island. Step onboard and enjoy the ride as you float to your destination.

Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island is a haven for pirates. As vistors go in search of buried treasure, they'll find a "Dead Man's Grotto" in the island caverns, a "Pirate's Den" on the Castle Rock, and other Buccaneer touches around the island.

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Pioneer Mercantile - This store features souvenirs with a western flare, plus a great selection of custom leather goods out on the front porch.



Bonanza Outfitters - Connected to Pioneer Mercantile, this store focuses on clothing and hats for the entire family.


Westward Ho Trading Company - Located next to the shooting gallery, this store sells Disney pins, pins and more pins.

Character Greeting Spots


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