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FastPass+ and My Magic+ Reviews

On the 3/11/14 DIS Unplugged Podcast, we asked our listeners to send in their experience with using the new FastPass+ at Walt Disney World. We've taken those emails and made them avaiable for you to read below. The names and emails addresses have all been removed. More FastPass+ reviews:

DIS Unplugged Podcast Listener Emails

We visited Walt Disney World over the week of Thanksgiving. We go many times a year to Disneyland, being from California, but this was our first trip to Disney World. The group included my husband (34), myself (32), my daughter (8), and my son, who is autistic (7). We stayed at the Polynesian and had the chance to test the magic bands. We loved our trip. I am definitely type A and this played right into my strengths. I got up at 3 in the morning exactly 180 days out and got every dining reservation I wanted (including Be Our Guest and Thanksgiving dinner in Cinderella's castle). We also were able to pick three fast passes a day and were able to book them before they were ranked and people could only get fast passes in certain categories. Between the fast passes and our Disneyland knowledge of when to hit certain rides and avoid certain rides at certain times we got on everything we wanted to. We never waited more than 20 minutes for any ride and this is during peak travel times.

I know there is a lot of negativity, but I can't wait until Disneyland gets the Magic Bands! With an autistic son it was fantastic to sit down with my children and show them videos, maps, and photos and let them make choices. They choose the hotel, restaurants, and what rides they wanted fast passes for and I booked them. My son was able to handle being out of his comfort zone because he knew what was coming because he planned it. We had a couple of hiccups with the My Disney Experience app (it seemed to stop working periodically), but with an autistic son I could turn the app on for him and he could scroll through the plans for the day whenever he felt like it. I loved it and appreciate Disney trying something new. We normally could not afford this trip, but we were celebrating our ten year anniversary and I felt this was a very special trip, we would love the opportunity to come back some day and would love to use the magic bands again.

The bands are also great for kids because they could let themselves into the hotel room and get a snack with their band and we don't need to worry about them losing their room keys. We had the Deluxe dining plan.

My friends and I had the chance to test FastPass+ with MagicBands during our stay at Pop last October. It was a magical experience from start to finish. Truth be told I'm a planner and so is one of the friends I travel with, so for us using the MDE App to pre-plan fast passes was fun! I love using the App to create daily itineraries and the flexibility to change fast passes is great. This really allowed us to hit our favorite attractions but also experience things spontaneously in the mean time. One of the keys to our trip being successful as far as MDE and fast passes were concerned was having everyone set up and linked before the trip. The MagicBands were beyond convenient. I can't imagine doing a Disney trip without one. Overall it was a great trip and I'm looking forward to this years.

Here's the logistical stuff:
This was just my wife and I that were travelling We attended from Dec 26th to Jan 1st We stayed at Caribbean beach resort We only used FP+ and did not double dip with paper FP

My wife and I are both from Cleveland. We've been to Disney before this trip in 2009 and used FP then, so we are familiar with the old system, but we weren't FP commandos where we would pull multiple fast passes throughout the day. We're also conditioned to dealing with longer lines due to growing up with Cedar Point and waiting sometimes over 2 hours for a roller coaster when it first opened.

Our Experience
We didn't actually decide to take our trip until the first week of December, so we were pretty late getting our reservations etc in place. They were still able to get us personalized magic bands sent to our home before we got there.

I was able to book restaurants and our FP+ through the My Disney Experience without any major issues. We were even able to book lunch on NYE at Epcot (had to call for dinner reservations at the showplace since they didn't have it online).

One of the things we liked the best was being able to change on the fly. We had a FP we were going to potentially miss due to a long bus ride (long lines at the gate on the 30th) and we were able to change our FP on the fly while we were on the bus so we didn't miss our time. That was pretty nice.

We didn't find it complicated at all. We found it really easy to use, and we even found the WiFi connectivity at the park was great for getting into the app. I didn't find that I was spending a large amount of time looking at my phone, but I did a few times just to double check. Wasn't any worse than going through a group of paper FPs to look at the return times. We had two rides that went down during our FP times. At this point in the test phase, they handled it two different ways. On Rockin Rollercoaster, they issues paper return slips that were good for the next 2 days to return like a FP at any point. When Space Mountain broke down, they just advised us to come back later in the day. When we came back, they scanned our bands, stopped us for a moment and then let us pass. I think they had it documented when the ride was down in their iPads, so they knew we should have been able to come back to use our FP. The key difference: with RnRC we were past the first scan point for our magic bands, with Space Mountain, we didn't scan at all.

I have a full trip report I've been meaning to finish on this... One of these days ill finish it =)

We thought the system was great and it worked very well for us. We found that it added just enough structure to our day. It allowed us to have plans on where to be for certain things and then allowed us to fill in with other activities and still allowed for some spontaneity. When we compare it to the old system, we like this better. It was nice to know that I didn't have to worry about waiting in a long line for Soarin or Rockin Rollercoaster so we could focus on hitting other rides.

We were really happy with our experience and have already planned our next trip for this year, although I have noticed that the site has had a few hiccups as they are making more changes in the last month. We are trying some additional things now, such as working with multiple families who are on different reservations and folks who have a My Disney Experience account but are staying offsite. I'll have to see how that all works.

I think a lot of it really is contextual and depends on the individuals previous experiences. I can see how folks feel like something is being taken away from them when they used the system to its highest potential before.

I visited WDW from January 28th through February 4th. We stayed at Port Orleans-Riverside and participated in the MagicBand experience. I am 40 years old and live in Utah.

I am very glad that you addressed this in your show this week because I have wondered why so many people have been so anti-FP+ on the boards. We visit WDW every year, and typically plan a portion of our trip in advance, but do so conservatively as we like large windows of time to "play as we go," as we tend to enjoy the "spontaneous magic" that Disney can deliver so well.

So, we found that with the MyMagic+, we were more regimented in our plans as we decided to use the FP+ system months in advance. After reading so much of the negative feedback with this new system, I walked into this experience expecting the worst. My ACTUAL experience was so much better than expected. I found that having our FP's already chosen, we were so much less stressed when entering the parks and it actually made us feel like we got more accomplished everywhere we went and so much less rushed. Granted, I would have liked the ability to have more passes, and even passes at multiple parks in one day, but I surely got the impression that this was only the beginning and the end would be an iteration that would most likely address those issues.

It sure was a different way to experience WDW, but I must admit, it was a GOOD different. Although I am one that tends to get hung up on nostalgia, I felt like this new way of doing Disney would start to create new things over which to be nostalgic. Sure, we had issues with the scanners not working properly at the attractions and even worse at the restaurants, but I didn't expect it to be perfected yet.

I feel like if Walt were still here, he'd be behind this sort of forward thinking and technology integration. It is unmistakably Disney to be at the vanguard of the industry, even it may not work right at first.

When FastPass+ was first announced I did not welcome the idea because I am usually a commando planner. Just as Kevin said, you feel like you get your money's worth. The system, by its design, makes you plan out your day. I'm on vacation! I don't want to plan!

After listening to podcasts and beginning to understand how the new system works I got more intrigued. Ironically that's when I joined the FastPass+ Team. With the legacy system you only got one attraction and you were stuck with the time printed on the ticket. If you missed that time you were out of luck. (This was more recent verses when it didn't matter how long after the second time had passed) With this system, you're making reservations for not one but three attractions. If you miss a time you can change it to the next available time. You couldn't do that before. Today, if you go to the FastPass Return line and the Standby line has maybe a 15 minute wait; at first you feel stupid thinking "I could have gotten a FastPass for something else." Guess what, you can change that FastPass to something else. You couldn't do that before either.

These are just some examples I've not only explained to guests but I've also experienced first hand. Overall I've had great experiences as a regular guest and it hasn't taken away from the magic my wife and I have grown to love. I can also tell you from a cast member's point of view that as far as FastPass+, we do not get anything special even if we work with the FastPass+ Team. We essentially follow the same rules for Annual Passholders. We cannot schedule FastPasses on the web nor do we get magic bands. Our park passes cannot be linked to the MyDisneyExperience app and we only get to choose three attractions like everyone else. I can still see the system as work in progress. I look forward to what those changes will be.

I wanted to share our experiences with FastPass+ and the My Disney experience. Here is a little background info about our family. We are a family of 5. Our kids are 15, 10, and 8. Our 8 year old has mild cerebral palsy and will sometimes use a wheelchair because he wears leg braces. We are DVC members and own at AKL and VGC and have been members since 2007 (our first trip to WDW). We go to either WDW or DL at least once a year. We moved to SE Georgia in Jan and after convincing my husband it was fiscally responsible to get AP's with the DVC discount instead of just getting a few park hopper days for our trip/cruise last Oct, we now can list AP holder to our list. Our doorstep is 3hours and 1 min from the Magic Kingdom parking lot (Yay me!). This has allowed us to take quick 1-2 night trips at the last minute. We used to tour commando style, but have since relaxed (and are much happier). We go to the parks at opening, eat lunch at 11 before crowds get to bad and are usually at the resort by 3 or so to rest. We may or may not go back to a park that night. I like to utilize low wait times in the first couple hours and get fast passes for times between 10-3.

Ok, I have 3 fast pass+ experiences under my belt. Here we go, it could be a long one!

In Oct we stayed 4 nights at AKV did a 7 night cruise and returned for 3 nights at SSR. We downloaded the app for both iphone and ipad. Both downloaded very easy and was easy to figure out how to navigate around. It was a few weeks before we got notification that we were at a "testing resort" and could select our fastpases. First we had to add out annual passes to the system. Easy peasy. Then the planning began. We have three kids so we let each kid pick a ride that wanted to ride and I hoped for fastpasses. Bingo! Got exactly what we wanted with good times. I did learn how to work the system. First I select the best out of the choices originally given for the group, then I would tweak the times for individual rides to get the times that fit in our touring plans. The kids loved to pick the band colors. Since we had a split stay at two resorts we received two sets of magic bands. (We will start keeping count. We now have 2 sets).The bands worked fine in lieu of our Key to the World Card. The FP's all worked in the parks. The only issue we had was at the time of our BTMRR FP the ride broke. I received an email from disney immediately allowing us to select an alternative ride. We chose Pirates, although it included both space and splash, but we had just ridden those. I changed the pass with my phone app while we walked to Pirates. We left very happy campers. Totally in love with FP+.

In January we had just moved to GA, but my husband still worked at the Grand Canyon and had to return, so we got him a flight out of Orlando. We decided to to stay one night and do MK and EPCOT. We booked the BCV for Friday night on the Monday of that week. I was able to get FP for TT, MS and NEMO. We chose to do MK first with EMH. Between 8-11 am we rode SP, Pirates, BTMR, HM, JC, Aladdin, Dumbo, Little Mermaid and watched part of the show at the castle. We ate at Cosmic Rays then headed to EPCOT for the rides we had FP's for. We needed to be out of the park by 2pm to get to the airport. We rode TT and MS and used the FP's. NEMO did not have a wait, but Spaceship Earth did, so I quickly changed my FP selection from NEMO to SE and we rode both of them. We are not huge Soaring fans so not riding that was not a big deal. We got a snack in the world showcase and was out of the park at 2:03pm. We never rushed ourselves and our son walked the entire day as we did not bring the wheelchair. Again we loved the FP experience. We did get a new set of bands at the hotel, but we still used our original set. ( Magic band count now: 3 sets)

Two weeks ago we did a two night stay at OKW for my son's 15th b-day. Booked it two weeks ahead. We booked our dining reservation at Sci-fi through the app and selected our FP's. Again letting the kids pick their must do ride. We visited all 4 parks in 3 days with FP at AK, EPCOT and HS. I realized the day before we left that I had made reservations at the restaurant for 2 people and not 5, I was able to make the correction on the app with no problem. We had no issues checking in nor had a wait. The at AK we went to use our EE FP and the ride was down, while most people complained about the long FP line I hopped on the app and changed the time for after lunch and walked out of the line to eat. We were able to get a pass for a hour later. We returned and the ride was working and we rode it. We did have a funny moment on this trip. When we went to MK at opening the first ride we rode SP. We had a 20 min wait and as soon as we got in line our daughter whined "We have to wait in line!" I'll admit we are spoiled. With a little common sense and planning we usually have a wait less than 10 mins for a ride. I refuse to wait in a line that says it is over 30 mins. I took this as a compliment. We ended up not needing one of EPCOT FP's as all the lines were low. We only used our TT. We walked on to MS. Our trip was Friday, Sat, and Sunday. (Magic Band count now: 4 sets).

We have had great experiences with FP+ and magic bands. We do now own 20 bands. Maybe we should wear all our bands at one time to show how many times we have been. Kinda of a badge of honor. There is another experience that I will mention. In Dec we had some friends go for the first time and they stayed in a condo off site, but we gave them one night at SSR as a Christmas Gift. They were sent magic bands and selected their FP's for all five days, not just the day they stayed on property. Once they got there, all of their FP's were lost for the days not on property, but a cast member retrieved them in the system for them and then it worked. Beside that snafu the only other issue they had was that her parents did not have FP's for the things they had FP's for since they did not have bands. Not a big deal since they knew that would be the case before going and they expected it. They were happy with the FP+ and My disney experience even with the glitches they had. They plan on returning again.

I have been lucky enough to go to WDW twice with Magic Bands- once in December and once in February. In December, my family of 3 (myself and my daughters 12 and 9) and another family of 4. In February, my girls and I travelled with my mom, and we rented DVC points for 2 studios at AKL.

During both trips, I thought the magic bands and fast pass + worked well. There are some pluses and minuses, but when traveling with a larger group, or when people want to go in different directions, it is very helpful. No matter who was in what group, at least one person always had the information. No one had to grab other people's tickets and run to get fast passes while missing whatever ride the others were going on. It was very convenient to have it all planned ahead of time.

Also, regarding the magic bands, we loved having the charging capabilities right there. The kids who were responsible enough to charge didn't have to worry about losing the key (nor did the parents!). I especially liked the fact that we could wear them in the pool.

The two biggest complaints were regarding fast passes. The number was fine for the most part, but the fact that we couldn't fast pass both Toy Story Mania and Rock n Roller Coaster or Soarin' and Test Track caused a lot of excess wait times that we would not have previously had. In addition, the fact that we could not change the fast passes to a different park or fast pass in two parks

Regarding commando planning, my husband (who passed away in 2012), always busted my chops regarding my planning. Mind you, I didn't plan what attraction when, but I knew what park we were going to which day, where we were eating, and a general flow to our touring. The last time we went with my husband was November 2012. I besides meals, we just meandered our way through the trip. At the end, he said that he did not feel it was nearly as good as when it had a more structured plan, and that we didn't do nearly as much as we had in previous years. (Woohoo!) So from a planner and nonplanner, there you have it.

My wife and I were in Orlando off site from Feb8 to the 15. Went to the parks 5 times and twice had wait 20 min to get fast pass plus. Other 3 days no problem. Cast members were always great and helped us pick out best times. Right now still like old fast pass. Like the show watch every week. Will be staying on site begining of dec. with daughter and grandaughter and interested to see if things improve

I wanted to take a minute to chime in about our experiences with FastPass+ and MyMagic Experience for our trip this past January 4-11. We drove down from Massachusetts (beautiful, but cold and snowy Cape Cod) and traveled with 4 Adults (2 in 30s and 2 in 60s), 2 Children (5 and 2.5). We stayed at Saratoga Springs in a 2BR, and bought our tickets from AAA 3 months prior to trip. I set up MyDisney Experience which was easy, and linked the reservation and created profiles for the family. I then linked the tickets (5 day park-hoppers) to each person, and it was straightforward. Once we were within the 60 day window, I booked our FastPass+ reservations. As we were staying on property, and are early risers, we wanted to make sure and utilize Extra Magic Hours on any days possible. We planned on being there for rope drop each morning, and see as many rides as possible...then head back to the hotel for a nap for our son (2.5) and pool and relaxation time for the rest of us. Then we planned to head back into a different park at around 3:30 or 4pm for the rest of the evening. That time of year, the parks close relatively early, between 7-9 depending on the day/park, so we weren't out too late and booked the FastPass+ reservations for the park we hopped to in the evening.

On our first night in the parks, we went to Hollywood Studios on the last night of Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, and made the FastPass+ reservations for Toy Story Midway Mania, Great Movie Ride, and Disney Junior: Live Onstage. Toy Story was a 90 minute wait, and our first experience with FastPass+ was literally walking right up to the cast member, scanning our bands, and walking right in. We got our glass, scanned the bands again, and walked up to the loading area to get into the cars. We were on our first ride within 10 minutes of entering the park....it was amazing. Same for Great Movie Ride. Disney Junior was easy as well. This was our experience for FastPass+....when we had a reservation, we walked right in and it was fantastic.

The hiccup came when the weather changed for the worse. We had planned to do the parks Sunday and Monday, take Tuesday off, then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, heading home Saturday. Tuesday was going to be a high of 40F, so we decided to change our plans while we were there and saw the forecast on Sunday. We had to reschedule the FastPass+ reservations which we had made for the Magic Kindgom and it ended up being a bit of a hassle. We couldn't get the three attractions we wanted to get in on that night, and didn't want to duplicate the other attractions we had FastPass+ reservations for. It was frustrating, so we had to settle on 2 out of our 3 FastPass+ reservations, and didn't use the 1 that night. Using FastPass+ for shows, specifically Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic, were a total waste. They don't have special seating, you just are guaranteed a seat, and we ended up with just OK seats for each, and were at Fantasmic at the beginning of the "Return Time", and sat waaaaay to the left of the seating area...needless to say, we will not waste the FastPass+ next time and will arrive earlier to ensure we get better seats. The other issue I had was that they way they group attractions, choices available weren't attractions you need FastPasses at all for and can walk right on, so it wasn't as necessary, We saw so many attractions by going for rope drop with Extra Magic Hours. We literally were able to do 12-15 attractions each day by 11am. Then FastPass+ allowed us to go into another park and know that we had 3 attractions already done. The rest were really a bonus.

All in all, we absolutely loved the MagicBands. My wife usually doesn't carry her purse whenever we go out, we usually put her license in my wallet, etc. and with the MagicBands, neither of us brought anything! Just walked out the door and made sure the kids, parents, and us had our bands on. I thought linking reservations for dining as well was great, and despite MyMagic Experience being a slow and sometime clunky website to navigate, it worked out well for us.

Overall, it was one of our best Disney vacations, and we are veterans that go every year or every other year and have been since mid 80s.

My husband and I are DVC members and Annual Passholders and go to WDW 2 times a year for 3 weeks each time. Our last visit was in Nov.-Dec. 2014. The first 2 weeks we stayed off-property at a timeshare we own. Our last week we always save the best for last and stay at one of the DVC resorts with our DVC points. This Dec. we stayed at Kidani Village. My husband is one of these people that likes to be at rope drop, so the fact we were not able to use the Magic Bands and use Fasspast+ our first 2 weeks was not a problem. We got to the parks early enough that we were able to get the E-ticket attractions we like without any difficulty. By noon when the crowds were building, we leave. We did use the legacy fastpass on occasion.

The biggest advantage for us for Fastpass+ was the 3rd week when we were at Kidani. I had scheduled Fastpasses for that week using My Disney Experience and had scheduled the Fastpasses later in the day which allowed me to convince my husband that we could take a more leisurely touring plan and get to the parks later in the day and still have access to the headline attractions. This worked beautifully. We both agreed that this was a great way to close out our vacation.

In conclusion, we both liked the Magic Bands and Fastpass+. My husband was a real doubter before we tried the Fastpass+ and Magic Bands but he is a believer now. I believe that if people will only give it a chance it will work. Of course some people will never be satisfied but Fastpass+ beats running to Toy Story Midway Mania with hundreds of others at rope drop trying to get a fastpass. And it is great to come back later in the afternoon or evening and get on a E-ticket attraction that you have scheduled with Fastpass+.

The trip was myself, and my 2 kids (14 and 16). We were there for 10 days, mid November (pretty low crowds). Anyway, we booked our FP's ahead of time and this was when you could still pick from everything, no tiers.

We honestly LOVED it! We park hopped nearly every day. We would hit our 1st park at opening, do the 'head liners' right off the bat. Then we'd move to our 2nd park during the afternoon/evening. Our FP's were almost all for our 2nd park of the day. It worked out quite well! There were some FP's that we decided on the fly to change for various reasons. No problems! There were *some issues with the app actually working but for the most part it was good. We used to be major planners, but the more we've gone to Disney, the more relaxed our style of touring has become. We are going back this fall and i'm not dreading the FP+ at all! I'm totally looking forward to it!

We are new Disney diehards. Our very first trip (ever) was the first week of January in 2009 when we had a little extra cash and drove past a billboard for Disney and I said, "Hey, let's go there." It was a hugely impulsive decision: Neither my husband or I had ever been to Disney as kids or young adults, and truly, we were not prepared for that trip at all, even though we had gotten a few books and tried our best to prepare ourselves before we left since people kept warning us that we had to do our research, which we sort of dismissed. We have to laugh about it now since we're seasoned Disneyphiles, but honestly, we thought there was one parking lot for all four parks--that's just how naive we were about the scope and the scale of Disney. At the time, our kids were 7, 5 and 2, and we stayed at All-Star Vacation Home in Windsor Hills. We rented a car and had no idea how Fastpass worked, and all of the trip planning and everything we had done went out of the window the second we walked in the park. The parks were crazy busy since there were still guests leftover from the holiday season, and we didn't accomplish much, but we didn't care: We had a wonderful time just soaking in the decorations and the atmosphere and walking around the park and letting our kids enjoy themselves, whether it was riding Speedway three times in a row or letting them run around Pooh's playground (whatever that was called) for an hour while we sat on a bench and enjoyed some ice cream. We couldn't wait to go back, and my husband vowed the next time we'd stay on property, and I vowed the next time that I wanted to be better prepared so we would get more accomplished.

Our second trip was late June/early July 2012 for a week. We decided to stay on property at the Yacht Club. This time, I believe we had discovered Disboards (I hadn't yet registered for an account, though) and we had done a lot more research so that we were better prepared and felt that we could accomplish a lot more. At the time, our kids were 11, 9 and 5, so we also thought that the kids would probably want to try some more thrilling rides now that they were older. It was during this trip that we toured the parks commando, learned more about Fastpass and how to use it, and we went on nearly every single ride in each park (except for the rollercoasters and higher-thrill rides that we couldn't convince our kids to go on *sigh*). Although we never made it to rope drop, we did get to each park relatively early in the morning, and we stayed throughout most of the day until our evening ADRs. During this trip, my husband and I became interested in joining DVC. Our third trip was in early June 2013 for two weeks with split stays at the GF, BC and BW (our intent this time was to decide on DVC and decide which resort to call home). By this trip, we felt sure-footed in the parks, understood how Fastpass worked, could ditch the maps, and developed a touring style that worked for our family. Even though our kids were a year older for this trip, (12, 10, 6), we only had one adventurous child who likes roller coasters, so many of the thrilling rides were skipped (Space Mountain, Everest, Tower of Terror), but we did manage to get him on Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. At this time, FP+ had been announced, but was not yet being implemented (and I don't think was in the testing stages yet). At the conclusion of this trip, my husband and I decided to get APs, and I was involved in the planning of three more trips over the next 9 months:

The first was over Labor Day weekend at the Yacht Club, which was an adults-only trip for my husband and me. We were in a test resort and were given Magic Bands. At the time, only a few resorts were in the testing phases of FP+ with most guests using traditional paper FP tickets.

The second was in December (12-16), which was another adults-only trip at the Swan, where I was asked to come along with two of my girlfriends who had daughters marching with their high school band in the Main St. parade. At this time, all of the resorts were testing FP+, and the S/D guests were able to reserve FP+ rides in the parks, and day guests were able to pull traditional paper FP tickets.

The third trip was just completed (March 5-8), where we did a crazy split stay at all three monorail resorts and we went with our children. As you know, FP+ is now fully implemented with all guests and there are no longer any paper FP machines.

Here are my thoughts with each experience:

The Labor Day trip: A+ The purpose of our trip was to relax, eat at a couple of signature restaurants and ride everything we hadn't had a chance to ride before with our chicken children: Tower of Terror, Everest, Space Mountain, etc. We were at Disney for three days, so we had dedicated one day to MK, one to Epcot and one to AK/HS. Since we had been to the parks just three months before, we really didn't feel a need to get on some of the more blah rides (here's looking at you Backlot Tours). The MB and FP+ worked flawlessly for rides, our room, charging and park admission, and we loved it. For the first time since our very first trip, we felt relaxed and like we were on vacation and not on the Amazing Race to run around the park and grab FP tickets and get here and there, and "damn, this FP window means we have to stay in the park later than we wanted." Granted, we didn't have our commando touring shoes on as we were going at a more relaxed pace and had far fewer "goals" than we did on other trips. But what made me really happy is that my husband (who likes to sleep in and go at a very leisurely pace while on vacation) and me (who is up before anyone else in our family and would love to be at rope drop) found peace with each other. I wasn't shaking him to get up while looking at the FP return windows on my phone and realizing that the morning FP return tickets for TSMM were quickly disappearing while he slept and while I grew agitated with him. Instead, we had a reservation for 10-11 a.m., and we knew we were going to get on the ride, even if he slept in and we leisurely grabbed a cup of coffee and breakfast before we got into the park. Coupled with the fact that MDE worked well and that we had no trouble changing FP+ reservations on the fly, we were sold on this being revolutionary and a game changer for us.

The December trip: D Traveling with two other friends (and my friend's mom) meant that I had to give up a lot of planning and compromise a lot more on this trip than I was used to. Before we even left, I mentally decided to take a backseat and let my friends (whose daughters were in the parade) dictate what they wanted to do. Prior to the trip, I explained to them the ins and outs of FP+ and we sort of planned a loose itinerary. Since I had my magic band from a previous trip, and as an AP holder, I was able to set my FP+ reservations up before we left, and I hoped that I would be able to copy my reservations over to them as soon as we entered the park and went to a kiosk.

…And, well, that didn't go so smoothly. Since all of the resorts had implemented FP+ at this time, there were far fewer reservations to be found, and often many of the times that I had pre-arranged were gone by the time we got into the park. I wound up canceling most of my FP+ reservations and making them with the group at the kiosks inside the park. MDE was running terribly slow and was terribly buggy--and often didn't work at all. I was taking pictures of our reservations with my phone at the kiosk because the MDE app crashed so often and I couldn't pull up our times. Paper FP tickets were also very hard to pull: most machines were out of times by the late morning, even though this was supposed to be a low crowd season (for the record, I think the parks seemed very crowded during this timeframe--definitely not a 5 out of 10).

During this trip, we ran into many friends since the whole high school band and their parents were at the park. Often times, my friends' daughters and their friends would meet up with us in the afternoon, and it was impossible to coordinate FP+ times together because many time slots were gone, or they had already used up 2/3rds of their allotments, or whatever. It was really frustrating, and we hardly went on anything the entire trip since the standby lines were so long. In short, FP+ was not working well for our on-the-fly-who-knows-who-we're-going-to-run-into-and-what-we're-going-to-ride touring style. The continuous crashing of the MDE app didn't help. Granted, this was a way different trip than the one I usually take with my family, where I am usually the one in charge and we have a good idea of what we want to do and when before we even get on the plane to Orlando. In short, though, had I cared what we did and had I cared that we got on a lot of rides (e.g., got my money's worth), then I would have left this trip really disappointed. Several of the friends that went on this trip and are not regular Disney travelers have expressed to me how frustrating this trip was and how they don't plan to return because of FP+.

Our March trip: B+ This trip was me and my family (my kids are now 12, 11 and 7). We are now all AP holders, and this was my kids' first trip with Magic Bands. When our 60 day window opened, we all sat down together and made reservations and made a loose itinerary for our short, 4-day trip. Again, since we have been to the World so many times over the past year, we were not intending to tour the parks commando style and hit up every single ride: We wanted to hit our favorites, do Flower & Garden, spend some time swimming and enjoy some glorious Florida weather after a very long and snowy winter. We also wanted to try the GFV (our new DVC home!) and try the two other monorail resorts. Even though the weather didn't work out for us, I would say that we had a great experience with FP+, and the magic bands, and a fairly good experience with MDE (MDE is the only reason this trip is getting a B+ and not an A). I think we were really giving the magic bands a good workout with our multi split stay: After researching on the Disboards that a single band would work for three different resorts, I only ordered one set since I didn't want to be wasteful and have three different sets of bands. Our single set of bands worked flawlessly throughout our entire trip for opening our rooms (and club level access), charging, FP+ reservations, park admission, etc.

We had a fairly relaxed touring style throughout this trip: Our weather on Thursday and Friday last week was not favorable with one day being rainy and the other unseasonably cold and chilly. Plus, I didn't feel that great for half of the day on Friday. As a result, the only two good days we had were on Wednesday and Saturday, which was our departure day. On Saturday, we managed to make it to rope drop for the first time ever, and since we got in all of our pre-arranged MK FP+ reservations before our first window opened, I canceled them and made them over at Epcot instead so that we could hit the things we missed on the previous day when the weather was bad and when I didn't feel good. To my great surprise, there was no trouble at all changing FP+ times or finding availability early in the morning for day-of reservations. Several times throughout the trip I modified our reservations, and had no trouble at all. The *only* thing that was giving me issues was the MDE app, which was not functional for a good part of the day on Thursday (and, yes, I had upgraded to the latest version). I still feel like Disney is having some trouble with connectivity (and I'm an AT&T customer) and the MDE app crashing or taking a ridiculously long time to load (if it works at all). Other days of our trip, however, it worked just fine and we had no issues. I was even pleasantly surprised to see that when I bought my kids' APs (an upgrade from a one-day ticket), their AP tickets were already connected and loaded in MDE as soon as I walked away from the guest relations window--I didn't even need to go in and manually load their tickets, which was amazing!

In summary, I think that Disney does need to get a better handle on MDE and connectivity issues in the parks. I also think they need to figure out a way to make it easy for people who are not a family unit to vacation together in the parks and enjoy time together in the parks. I would also like to see the addition of a few additional FP+ choices, or the doing away of tiers and the addition of park hopping. In Epcot, my family would like to ride TT and Soarin', and there's no way we want to HAVE to show up at park open to get on both, or stand in a 90 minute line to ride both. I know that sounds greedy, but if we could do it in the past, I'd like to be able to do it again. I'm not saying that I necessarily need to be able to get 10 FP+ reservations, but I certainly think that with the investment I've made in Disney (both in DVC and my park and resort dollars) they do sort of owe me at least two e-ticket rides per park. :)

I had a really good experience with it my only problem is the limit to the number of fast-passes you can get in a day

My husband and I went for a quick 2 day trip in January and were able to use the Magic Bands. Overall it was a pleasant experience. We used it in Magic Kingdom, in which I was able to go on the app and make changes once we were in the park as the crowd was a little larger then we expected. We did not experience any long fast pass lines and were able to utilize it well.

My only complaint is that we really could not utilize it in EPCOT like we would have liked to. The fact that we could only choose Soarin' OR Test Track was a negative to us. I do not feel some of the other options were needed as a fast pass.

I am currently planning our daughter's college graduation trip for May and this will be the first experience of the whole family trying to use it. On Saturday I will be able to log in and make our selections - I will let you know how that goes.

I feel with this change, as in many changes, adjustments will have to be made. I would like to see it change to perhaps resort guest being able to get maybe 6 fast passes in a day, with the option of having them in two different parks. And if asked - NO I would not pay for additional fast passes and I do not think it should be based on the resort you stay at. Families go to the value resorts to make their dreams come true at a rate that they can make it happen. They should not be penalized because they can not afford to stay elsewhere.

I was listening to the latest podcast and wanted to give my impressions about fastpass+. I am a 20 year old student living in the UK and therefore don’t get the opportunity to visit very often but thought you might find my views interesting. Firstly, let me say Thank you for putting out such a great podcast each week, it helps bring me that much closer to the magic considering I live so far away and makes my week that much better.

In total I have visited WDW 3 times,
Oct 1996 - 2 weeks - 4 adults, 2 children (12 years and 3 years)
Late Aug - Sept 2011 - 2 weeks - 3 adults 1 Child (12 years)
Early Sept 2013 - 2 weeks - 2 Adults

Each time I have been to WDW, I have had a different 'fastpass experience’. For my first trip, Fastpass did not exist, we still managed to get on all of the rides, see all of the characters and watch all of the shows that were important to us. My second trip was not until 2011 and by this time I had become a real disney fan (Even though I was only 3 on my first trip, it really stuck with me!) By then I had a good knowledge of what fastpass was, and how it worked and during our trip we planned accordingly. We again managed to do everything that was important for us.

My third, and most recent, trip was last September. By this time, I had been listening to the podcast and keeping up to date with all things Disney for a few years, and knew everything there was to know about the introduction of fastpass+, magicbands and the new My Disney Experience app. I had booked a 2 week stay at the Art of Animation hotel with a friend, and was extremely excited when I got an email inviting me to test the magicbands during my trip. I am a young computing student, so the app didn’t faze me, and I got all of our details set up without too many problems. I didn’t want to book restaurant 6 months in advance and therefore we decided that we were going to eat wherever we ended up, but we did, however, make a reservation for Be Our Guest on the evening of our first full day as I knew we would not get in otherwise. As I knew we were going to be at the magic kingdom that day (for the meal and for Mickey’s not so scary) I booked some initial fastpasses, but left the other days for when we arrived. We arrived at our hotel, slightly dazed after our long flight and trip from the airport, and were given our magicbands and a leaflet giving details about how to use them. We went to the Magic Kingdom the next day, armed with our magicbands and ready for the day at the park, we had fastpasses ready for Splash, Big Thunder, and The Haunted Mansion (Space Mountain was being refurbed) and were given a bonus fastpass for Little Mermaid, all booked a various times throughout the day. Because we were able to pick specific times for the rides, we were able to use the quieter time in the morning to do some things we wouldn’t usually consider doing. Our first Disney experience was a photo with The Fairy Godmother, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if we were rushing to Splash mountain! We then went on Peter Pan and spent the time before our first fastpass walking around Fantasyland, taking in all of the little details. When it was time for our ride on Splash Mountain, it was still quite early, and being a quiet time of year, there was only a 5 minute queue. Instead of using our fastpasses, we got in the standby line, and changed our Splash mountain fastpass to Storytime with Belle a bit later in the day. This sort of freedom was never possible with the old Fastpass system.

The rest of our trip was very similar. We made our fastpass selections the evening before, and rearranged and edited them during the day to fit in with what was happening. There were only really 2 days where this was not the case. The first was on Friday 13th September, which was the unleash the villains party. I was excited for this event, but like everyone else, did not expect the sheer volume of people at the park. Thankfully we arrived in the morning for rope drop, and had a quiet morning (Tower of Terror 3 times in a row with no queue!) but this was not the case by midday, the crowds built, and so did the wait times. But thanks to Fastpass+, we already had guaranteed spots on the rides that were important for us. About 30 minutes before the main show was due to start we had just got out of the Jack Sparrow attraction and decided to got to the stage to watch the show. We ended up over by American Idol, as this was the closest we could get. We then gave up and decided to watch Fantasmic instead, which we waited over 2 hours for in a huge queue of people. I was slightly annoyed as I had earlier changed a fastpass+ for Fantasmic to a Fastpass+ for Rock and Rollercoaster and we now had no more available. Despite the crowds and Lines, we still had no issues using our fastpasses, although there was less freedom for times than on other days. The second time where the situation was different was when we park hopped from the Studios to Epcot. This was near the end of our trip and we decided to spend a day just meeting characters. We got to the studios for rope drop and used the light morning crowds to see the Studios characters and booked fastpasses for the characters at Epcot in the afternoon. We would not have considered doing this if it weren’t for fastpass+!

Over the duration of our trip we didn’t have any issues with fastpass plus or the magicbands. It always helped to make the experience slightly more magical, with cast members welcoming you by name and the flexibility of rearranging the fastpasses whenever we wanted through the app. I sincerely feel that Fastpass+ is a brilliant addition to the parks that helps both those who like to plan their day down to the second and those who like to be spontaneous. I do not feel however that it was Fastpass+ that made the trip so magical. The first two times I went to the parks, I did not use fastpass+ and on my first visit, the original fastpass did not exist. All three of my visits are still three of the best experiences of my life, truly magical experiences, made possible, not because of fastpass, but because of the cast members, because of the attention to detail, because of the magic that you feel just stepping foot into Walt Disney World. I will never forget the first time I saw the castle at the end of Main Street, or the second or tenth times regardless of what happens with fastpass. You can go to the theme parks on the most crowded day without fastpass and not get on any of the attractions, but that feeling makes the whole day seem worth it.

The memories I have of all of my trips are the little ‘moments’; The smell as I walked into All Star Sports’ food court; The cake-castle; The music from the 25th anniversary parade; seeing people in costume at Mickey’s not so scary. When we are paying almost $100 to get into the park, we are not paying for Fastpasses, we are not paying to ride the rides or see the parades, we are paying for these ‘moments’, for the chance to be a young child, dreaming of princesses and pirates and reliving the magic again.

We're a couple of enthusiastic, commando touring Brits, no children, and tend to tour the parks from rope drop until they throw us out at night. We hop from park to park, enjoy sit down meals at signature restaurants - we're the kind of people who get home from Disney needing another holiday!

We were last in the parks for 2 weeks from 27th October to 9th November 2013, staying at the Wilderness Lodge. I was nervous going into the holiday as I didn't really know what to expect of the new system, but as a planner I loved the idea of scheduling our fastpasses ahead of time. On past trips we would criss-cross the parks picking up fastpasses and could easily use at least 6 a day without thinking so how on earth would we manage with just three? But we had worried before about having to adhere to the time slot on our fastpasses too when Disney closed that loophole but we got over that quick enough. In the entirety of our trip we only had 1 technical issue with our passes; selections made for DAK before we got to the park had vanished and the app was down, but a cast member was quick to help and we soon had fastpasses for the rides we wanted, just at different times. The app was down a few times, but didn't really impact us negatively (but I do wish they would add the push feature and remind you what you have coming up!).

By the end of our 2 weeks in the park I was sold. The way we tour worked perfectly with the new system; we would use the standby line at rope drop, get plenty of rides in before the crowds descended in the late morning by which time we would either use our fastpasses, hit a show or head back to the hotel for a swim / do a little shopping or hop over to another park. We would always use our fast passes during the busy times of the day.

One thing we didn't miss - the rope drop rush for fastpasses. No more running of the strollers to get our TSMM fast pass, now we could just schedule it for whenever we needed it. We rode that ride a lot more than we have in previous trips for that very reason. Having control of the times we had the fastpasses was great too, made it much easier to hop if you don't get a pass for late afternoon first thing in the morning. We had our annual passes / room keys and were prepared to do the much maligned double dip, and we did pull a couple of legacy passes but we didn't need to and only used them the once, the others are languishing in my purse as a little reminder of the way things used to be. Did this impact on the way we toured? Yes. Without a doubt, this changes how we spend

our time. It made us relax, we slowed down and took time to just enjoy the parks instead of chasing our own tails. We found ourselves grabbing a bench and watching the world go by which was just lovely. We even slept in a couple of days which is very unusual. But we didn't do less. We rode everything we wanted to ride. We rode rides we don't normally bother with (I'm looking at you It's A Small World).

We did see longer stand by lines at the busier parts of the day for the tier 2 attractions, especially HM & POTC, but it wasn't the end of the world - maybe 10 minutes longer than usual.

We will be back in May and I'll look forward to seeing how things have changed again since the legacy fastpasses have gone and the new system has rolled out wider and to non-park guests.

My husband and I were in Disney World December 1-7 2013. We had the Magic bands and used Fast Pass +. we had no problems with it whatsoever. I planned my Fast Passes online a few weeks before we left. We were able to schedule several attractions that we were interested in and had a great time. We are a late 40's, early 50's couple traveling alone. We have been to WDW about 8 or 9 times so we have seen most things we were interested in so our trip was laid back and casual. Maybe because it was just the two of us it was easier to manage our expectations. I'm sure our experience will be different in a few years when we bring our grandchild to the World. I'm getting excited, our first grand baby is due April 6! We will probably wait until he's 2 or 3 to bring him.

I have a trip planned for this coming May 1 - 10 with my sister. She has never been to WDW before and we are looking forward to this trip. I made my ADR's 180 days out (thank you Ally Thomas from Dreams Unlimited for helping me with this). I just recently made my Fast Pass reservations and had no problem with booking most of the attractions I was hoping to introduce her to. The only exception was the Fireworks Dessert Party. That was booked up pretty quickly.

I believe that if you decide to enjoy your time you will. If you decide that it has to go a certain way or you will be disappointed then that will happen too. Your experience will be what you decide it will be. If you decide that every little problem will make you miserable then that's on you. I understand that sometimes real problems occur and then it's understandable that you will be upset. It's Disney World! enjoy yourself!

My wife is 36, I am 37, we have no kids. It is our 4th trip to Disney together(since I took her on her firs trip ever Jan 2007) and my 17th+ trip to Disney overall. I've been coming to the park since 1981. I have waited over 90 minutes to ride Big Thunder in the summer. And i remember the lines that would snake around forever in fantasy land. We planned a relatively last minute trip. We'd originally booked for 2/2-2/9, and put down our deposit on Jan 1. So it's not like we had 6 months to think about it and plan FP+ at our 60 day window or anything like that. On Jan 10th we moved our trip to 2/22 because of a medical issue with Khadijah.

First, I found that planning my rides in advance to be stressful. I was trying to learn the new system, and how to work around its limitations, as well as trying to figure out where i'd be and when on a given day. I used to know which park on which day, but I'd never really be able to tell you which ride at which time. Even with a touring strategy, I'd be basing which ride, in which area, on posted wait times in the moment. Rather than just assuming that Peter Pan will be very long, so I'm going to FP that. Hmm, how will the wait for Thunder Mountain be in 3 weeks, I should get one for that too. But wait, do I think that Thunder Mountain will have, on average, longer lines than Space Mountain? Maybe I should get Space Mountain instead. It was way more complicated than in past trips. It's one thing to have real time information and plan around that, it's a whole different thing to try to plan around incredible unknowns (what actual wait times will be). This was really stressful because I would end up over thinking which ride might have a longer line. By the end of our planning, I felt I was able to navigate the MDE website pretty well. Move rides around and play with times. I was even able to get in on that EPCOT glitch that happened one day that took away the tiering. It's sad how happy I was that I could get both Soarin and Maelstrom as a FP in the same day. (We do test track as single riders) In planning, I found the tiering in Epcot to be awful. There are 3 rides tops (Soarin, Test Track, and Mission Space) that anyone may need to FP in that park. Why am I being forced to choose a FP for rides that I know are basically walk-ons? Who needs a Figment FP? I'd have felt better about FP for Epcot if they just gave you 1. . It felt a little insulting, like 'Ooh, I get to skip the line at Spaceship Earth, which hasn't had a line over 30 minutes since 1985.' But whatever. It just felt funny. Like, which crappy no wait ride should I prioritize? (as a side note, I love a lot of the rides I'm calling crappy, i just don't think they need Fast Pass) When we got to the parks, more or less, FP+ worked as we thought it would. We'd heard horror stories of FP reentry lines. Didn't see that. Didn't have any problems with the MB recognizing my FP window. We were able to switch things on the fly, a little bit. And when; in Magic Kingdom, Mermaid, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and BTMRR, all went down for an unknown amount of time, we got a new FP from that time until the end of the day. It was communicated relatively well to us by a cast member. Or at least to Khadjiah. I didn't hear them and wouldn't have known to check MDE app to see the new FP.

One thing that I noticed about the parks that I hadn't in a long time, was that stand by lines were much longer than I'd expected. My last 3 trips were Marathon weekend. Before that I was going around Gay Days (my birthday is often the weekend of Gay Days) and before that we'd most often gone in early November. The predicted crowds for late february looked like they'd be on par with January, if not a little more crowded. I found that the stand by lines were much worse than I'd expected. But, since most of the FPs are booked before people get into the park, I had less leeway to make adjustments while I was there.

in the past, I would FP a few headliners, as well as Peter Pan, and ride stand by multiple times on most other attractions. I didn't run from ride to ride, and hit the park in more systematic way. This time, it seemed like if you didn't have FP for a ride, the wait times were all over 30 minutes. Big Thunder Mountain was well over an hour pretty much all day, until dinner time. Crowdwise and stand-by-line-wise it felt like we were in the park during a pretty crowded time of year. It feels like lines are artificially longer. Pirates used to have two lines open when the wait time increased, but now one of those is dedicated to FP. But really, who ever needed to FP pirates? It seems as though Disney is making rides FP that never needed them, then the rides load less efficiently, and stand by lines increase, thereby necessitating FP for those rides. It's as if they are creating the need for FP on rides that never needed it. A FP for Small World? Seriously?

I found that overall, there was less flexibility while in the parks than I was used to in the past. I also had the issue that I wasn't feeling well for the bulk of my trip, my ability to keep to a plan that I'd made a month before, was impossible. In the past, it feels like it would have been easier to adapt, but I think that stand by lines are artificially longer now, and so just touring the park without a real strategy is now less possible.

At the end of the day, we found the system challenging to set up, stressful to plan, and less flexible to tour with. I'm on vacation, I don't want to have to schedule my time like I'm the child of a helicopter parent. I don't want to know where i'll be in a month down to the minute. I don't want to spend days hemming and hawing about which rides I think will be busiest at which times. What time is violin practice? I need to run there from Space Mountain or else we'll miss our window. Also, I don't want to spend my vacation looking at my phone. It's a Vay-Cay-Shun. I'd like to put my phone away.

FP or not, I'm going to get on the rides I want to because we don't have kids right now. Once nighttime hit we rode BTMRR 3 times in a row. Whoopee. But if i were a family, I think it would be much harder. I also think that I rode fewer rides that I'm used to, and fewer of them multiple times. And i was never a 10FP person. I probably used 3-5 tops.

That said, we had a great time on our vacation. Disney would really have to mess things up to ruin my time there. Because my vacation is about me and Khadijah and our experiences, and not about maximizing my $$ or getting the most of each minute. Maybe it's my age, and maybe it's Khadijah. but if I don't ride everything it's not the end of the world. As a note, the last time we went was January 2012, BTMRR was down for refurb the whole time. It's my favorite ride. It didn't ruin our trip, and riding fewer rides won't ruin it now. But seeing stand by times for Spaceship Earth that remind me of August 1983 makes me think that something isn't working well and that this system isn't well designed. I feel like this was a little bit rambly. It's a big system with a lot of impact on planning and park experience and it's a challenge to put all of it down in one place.

As a side note, FP used to feel like a perk, now it feels like a necessity. Also removed is the perk of having a FP that you weren't going to use, for whatever reason, and being able to give that to someone, adding something to their day. It's interesting, but people seem happier when a stranger gives them a FP than when they get one from the machine. It's nice to be able to give something away too.

Me and and my wife, 35 and 29, are DVC members and last visited the resort area in October of last year during the F&W Fest and were part of the testing for FP+. In short, we loved it. To book rides in advance and not have to arrive at rope drop just to get a FP for Soarin or Toy Story Mania was reason enough to endorse it. The simplicity of everything being on my wrist just made the entire experience very streamlined. Did we have a few issues? Yes we did. On two occasions our reservation did not click when at the FP+ station near the entrance of a few attractions and it took a moment for the cast member to bring up the info and then we were golden. Were there lines at the FP+ entrances? Yes but if I am comparing a 15 minute wait to a 55 minute wait. That is a Fast Pass in my opinion. I also saw that the line to get passed the very first scan was long but did not equal a longer wait beyond that. Do those issues = ruined experience, no. You are participating in a TEST so if you think nothing will be a bit out of whack you are fooling yourself.

Beyond that, what Pete said is the bottom line. People are awful at adjusting to any type of change and the internet has given them a place to meet with others who feel the same anxiety and you will always have the voices of complaints overshadow those who don't. Anything brand new has bugs. From webpages to virtually any new tech out there (even video games are subject to multiple patches when they reach the consumer) and the first steps are the hardest. Now when you factor in Disney where nothing truly closes and it deals with waves and waves of people, it's a tough road to travel. Never forget that you can enjoy the parks immensely without the FP+ aspect. Its about having time with those that matter to you. Stop screaming over a wrist band or a cell app and take a moment to appreciate where you are and who you are with. It's pretty fantastic.

We attended the parks in mid January, 2014. There were 4 adults in our group; one was a first timer. We go to WDW 1-2 times per year. We tend to sleep in and get to the parks later, staying to close.

Overall the FP+ experience was positive. It was nice to have the App to help with time reminders. It was nice to be able to get into Toy Story Mania without having to hit the park at rope drop and make a mad dash to the FP distribution machine. We did use the App to book our dining reservations; I accessed the App frequently.

App: I have heard you need to be logged into the WDW WiFi for the App to work properly. I accessed the App through my cell provider and had no issues. I was able to access the App from anywhere in the park and update without difficulty. I have ATT for my cell provider. We were able to change our FPs via the App when our plans changed.

FP+: I do like all the pre-arrival items Dis sends you. It helped to keep the excitement alive. We would get together as a group to plan activities prior to going, which everyone in our party enjoyed. We had no problem getting the FPs we wanted.

Improvements: I would like to be able to choose my time from a list of available times for each FP option. The system offers you times in groups, which you can decline; however I would like the option to select the individual time that works best for me. The times the system offered were not always beneficial for what we doing.

I would like the option for additional FPs, though I am not willing to pay for them UNLESS I can get all I want. I would like to be able to select ANY 3 FPs. I do not quite understand limiting them, especially when you can get them online. It seems Disney WANTS you to have to wait in line now.

I was given magic bands at the magical express kiosk for all 4 members. We had 4 days each and I was able to book fast passes at every ride we wanted (pirates, jungle cruise, beauty and the beast, etc...) major headliners. We also booked 4 dining reservations,. Every thing was flawless, from rooms, fast passes, dinning reservations, it was awesome. I found it to be do convenient to know what time we had to look around the parks and rides to wait until our passes we ready. Redemption was flawless as a green Mickey lights up to confirm fastpass at the attractions. As a tip, I did take a screen shot of my selections throughout the day with my iphone as a reminder for when and what attractions I needed to be at. It is also easier to pull up the photo vs. the website which can be slow at times. Also this provides proof of selections should their system be offline or not recognize your band. I was on the fence about this system at first but after using it, I could not be happier. Looking forward to visiting again with an updated fastpass + system.

I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the new system. I enjoy not having to jog to toy story mania at rope drop and can take my time in the morning. Really enjoyed when we were at the MK and after seeing a long line for space mountain , a ride we decided at the last minute to ride. Hoped on the TTA and minutes later changed out on Fastpass for space mountain. Now we didn't wait 40 minutes in line and instead relaxed for a bit and an hour later we were waiting ten minutes. Yes there were issues with the bands being read but that was our fault not them. We are annual pass holder and go about every other month outside of summer.

My family and I have used the Fastpass Plus system on two spate vacations, and we love it. The first time we used our Fastpass plus and the magic bands was on a trip in October 12 -19 2013. I am a DVC member and my family and I stayed at Boardwalk Villas we traveled with six adults and four children ages 8, 4, 3, & 1. I was able to make the FP+ reservations about a month before we traveled and didn’t have any trouble getting the fast passes we wanted, and didn’t find the standby lines longer than usual. I made most of the FP+ for the late morning and early afternoon so my family didn’t have to rush to get to the parks, and I preferred it to the old system. My family and I try to enjoy the things that we get to do at the parks and don’t stress if we have to skip an attraction if the line is too long. There are so many fun things to do in Disney World that we don’t have any issues skipping something and saying we will do it on our next trip. I did switch some fast passes while I was in the park with the my Disney experience app and while it can be a bit glitchy from time to time I was able to change FP+ experiences with it. I had only one issue with my magic bands opening my hotel room door, but the cast members who are always wonderful and the reason I love going to Disney quickly fixed the problem and could not have been nicer. The second time I used FP+ was on a trip on January 27-31 2014. It was just my wife and I and we stayed a Boardwalk Villas again. I had no issues with my magic bands they worked perfectly. I again used the FP+ system we had a favorable experience again. I didn’t have any issues getting the experiences I wanted scheduled from home. They did change the system so there were tired experiences at the Studios and EPCOT. Not a big deal for me at the Studios, but it was a draw back at EPCOT because I do like to go on Soarin and Test Track and I had to pick between the two, but I still prefer it to the old system.

We recently visited Walt Disney World in Orlando between 12/12/2013 and 12/22/2013. Our party consisted of My 16 year old daughter, 12 year old Son and myself a 50+ father. We stayed on the grounds at Port Orleans and although we prefer the Alligator Bayou rather than the Manors I had booked a Princess room and they were only available in the Manors. This was our 5th visit since 2001 and our 4th time traveling in December. We really enjoy the off season rates, and we have always done the Free Dining plan and Park Hopper. We were selected for the testing of the Magic Bands. When we travel to Disney World we truly believe in a laid back vacation style. We are not ones that have to be at the parks at the opening bell or the last ones to leave. We also with 10 days booked have plenty of time to see and do almost anything that we want. We only have praise for Disney and the whole Magic Band - Fast Pass + experience. The bands work flawlessly with the only hick up being was upon check-in I had requested that my daughter and myself have charging enabled on our bands. Due to some mix-up either mine or Disney I was unable to charge items to my magic band however, my son (who was not suppose to) was able to charge. This was all fixed with a simple 5 minute visit to guest services and really the mix up made the trip even more enjoyable for my son because he wanted to pay for everything. It was fun watching my daughter and son plan their days booking their Fast Passes and choosing their dinning experience. I have been in technology since the early 80's and I was impressed. There was not one failure, miscue, or hick-up with the bands. The bands unlocked the door every time, purchases (which were several) perfect...no issues with the dining plan or entrances into the parks. We could not ask for a better experience. We also used the "My Disney Experience" app on our iPhones and Wi-Fi service so we could always monitor wait lines times for a ride or event that we did not get a fast pass on. There were even times that we would leave the room just to go ride one or two rides because the wait time was relatively short.

Epcot was always my favorite park to visit. No longer. I have to say, the last time we went to the park in April 2012, it just didn't seem the same. Going to France or Canada and seeing the same show we have seen for at least the last 10 years just doesn't cut it anymore. So, mainly what we did at World Showcase this trip was look at the flowers/topiaries and ate dinner at Chefs de France. I would just think with all the ticket sales Disney has had over the decade that they could spring for some new movies in these 2 pavillions. We were disappointed enough that we've stopped going to the parks. We've become cruisers. We're going on our 3rd Disney Cruise in October since 2012 (Magic & Wonder). We've been to the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and will go Southern Caribbean this time (Oct). We have regained the "magic" since at least each cruise has been a little different and we've gotten to see new countries each trip. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

I just wanted to give my feedback on using fastpass+ from my recent trip to WDW and using fastpass+. We make one trip a year to Orlando and have been doing so for 6 years now, we live in England and its just me and my Girlfriend. With the length of the trips we can afford and the distance we travel it is always important to us to maximise the rides we hit and minimise waits. I love to plan, and although my itinerarys have become slightly more flexible over the years, that simply means they loosened from military regime strict down to NFL summer training strict. We spent 7 days at art of animation in November leaving the day before thanksgiving and obviously got to test MDE and magic bands. I thought the whole experience was a great improvement. I am always at the park for opening and I loved not having to rush for soarin or TSM and just getting in line for something else knowing my fastpass was sorted. I had breakfast in Hollywood studios for the first time ever because I had the extra time. Not rushing across the park to get fastpasses allowed me to enjoy the parks more and as it was our first Christmas time trip this was really appreciated. Fastpass+ didn't stop me commando planning it just meant I did it differently, if anything It reinvigorated me. I made some mistakes with my fastpass choices, the shows were pointless as there was no allocated seating and the let you in 2.5 seconds before everyone else. I do miss getting 10 fastpasses a day but overall I got to do everything I wanted and didnt feel like I queued anymore than usual. Overall fastpass+ was an improvement and if they sort the app It could be a great addition for our future trips

We had experienced the beginnings of FP+ when we went down in 2012 with our daughter and loved it. It was so much easier for us, since she was only 18 months, to be able to plan around her nap times or meal times. So we were excited to test out MDE and Magicbands on our own before we brought our daughter, who will be 3, back down in October. I was so happy to plan out our trip. I made reservations at the places we wanted to eat, but left most of our meals up in the air. There was severe weather warnings for March 2, so we actually wound up flying down the night before, so we didn't experience the Magical express getting there. However, since our plans changed, I was still able to use the app and make last minute reservations for breakfast at the Wave. There were a number of other restaurants available, but since the Wave is in the hotel, we chose it. (BTW, yum!) Our Magicbands worked right away. We had only one snag with it. Trying to get into AK, my husband's wouldn't work. But a CM was right there to take care of it and we were on our way. MB worked fine as a key, as a charge card, and everything else. As for our FPs, we made them as soon as we were able to. Yes, only having 3 was a little disappointing. So was having the tiered groups, but it wasn't a make or break deal with us. The only thing that we didn't get to get a FP for that we really wanted to do was Rock n Roller Coaster because we got one for Toy Story. We had no problems changing FP times/experiences either. It was raining right before we were heading out to the MK, about 1:00. It was going to be a short storm, but we didn't want to walk in it. So i just brought up the MDE app, clicked on our FP for BTMRR, which was supposed to start in at 1:35, and was able to move it to 2:10 with no problems at all. Got to BTMRR at about 2:45 and it worked. One day, I even went to all four parks and didn't have an issue anywhere. We also had the memory maker, which also worked perfectly. They scanned my band at every ride and every photographer. Every day we signed on just to make sure they were on the site and they were there! It was a wonderful vacation! The only downfall to the vacation was how crowded Downtown Disney was on Sunday night! We walked around for maybe an hour, but had to leave. Luckily I was able to squeeze an early morning trip in another day just to get some shopping done. That being said, I understand where people who are having problems with the technology are complaining. What I don't understand is why people are so upset about this 3 FP deal and how it's a breaking point. (I was going to write this on the forums, but I didn't want to start yet another fight.) I remember waiting on hour long lines for it's a small world! It didn't matter, we were in Disney World. So, you can only get 3 FP, wait on the other lines. Have we become so spoiled that we must have everything we want as fast as possible? The lines weren't terrible. An hour wait for the RnRC and Test Track. I've definitely seen them worse. The major thing that I would change about FP+ is with the Park Hopper tickets, letting people plan for multiple parks in one day. We are coming back in October with our daughter. I know lines will be a little more complicated with her since she's 3, but I can't wait. This past trip was so awesome for us. Disney will always be a magical place for me and my family.

I had to write in after listening to the podcast this week to give a generally positive review of FastPass+. My wife, son, and I visited WDW this January, staying in the AKL. My son, at the time, was 21 months old, so any rides with height requirements would be ridden solo for me and my wife. For us, spontaneity was not lost by having making early FastPass arrangements. Basically, it would work like this; we would either decide on which park to go to in the morning, check its wait times, and if need be make FastPass reservations then. Conversely, we might decide to do something around the resort in the morning, and make FastPass plans evening park attendance. I made most of our FastPass+ reservations on the bus, thus, I wasn't buried in my phone the entire time, and really only used in the parks to check the wait time of something on the other side. The app was a huge help when traveling with a little guy. For the most part, we made reservations for big things we would ride solo, with the occasional one to ride as a family. For example, we would ride Big Thunder Mtn, Space Mtn, and Peter Pan's Flight in one night via FastPass+. This was a huge time-saver for us. The lines we actually stood, we could stand in as a family, and play games in those lines, like Pooh and Dumbo. We rode Test Track, Soarin', Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, and Tower of Terror via FastPass+, along with some family rides in each park. It really did make life easier not having to go to the ride to get a FastPass, not having to wait to get another and memorize that info, and having assurance that my wife and I would get to ride some "big" stuff, while also getting to do a lot of family stuff too. My only complaint was that I couldn't make a reservation on the last day. For anything! I was told the night before at Epcot Guest Services that this was going on for a lot of people and that I would have 3 credits on my band for the next day. Well, only one credit worked. I was given a paper note, which didn't fly with the attendants, and I didn't feel like arguing it. So, bad final impression, but overall the experience was good. For us, a family of 3, one being an early toddler, it helped. We got to experience more than if we'd used the old system (we visit every 1-2 years, so we had plenty of experience with it). It's bothersome the way the passes are set up in Epcot and Studios, and it's too bad I can't make reservations for more than one park. Other than that, the system is great, and knowing wait times, accurately, is amazing. With a little more tinkering, I think this could substantially enhance the experience.

I made a quick trip down to WDW February 1-2 and used fastpass plus. I went with two of my friends, one of whom is doing a Disney professional internship this semester (so she feels no sense of urgency since she can go whenever) and one of whom is hasn't been in over a decade (so he had a lot he wanted to do). I'm a fairly commando parkgoer, so this was a pretty diverse group of styles. However, I'd gone to WDW in August 2013 with my family for over a week, so I was both very familiar with current attractions and not quite as desperate to do everything. (I should mention we're all 24/25 years old and pretty high energy.)

So since we were getting in on my friend's castmember guest passes, we weren't able to make our FP+ reservations ahead of time. On Saturday we went to MK at rope drop and headed directly to Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. Only after that did we seek out a FP+ kiosk. There was no waiting, but it sucked that they couldn't link our FP+ reservations with the app, so we had to take a picture of the screen on our phones, which was less than ideal. Still, we got to make FP+ reservations for Enchanted Tales with Belle and Big Thunder Mountain, both of which were very useful, and Pirates of the Caribbean, which was less necessary. We decided to park hop to Epcot in the evening and it was a bummer that we couldn't get any FP+s in that park; I definitely think that's one of the biggest drawbacks of the current system.

On Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios, but we couldn't get there until about an hour after the park opened because of breakfast at Cape May. At this point, all the Toy Story Midway Mania FPs were long gone; if we'd been able to make our reservations ahead of time instead of day of we could've hopefully avoided that. (We wound up going fifteen minutes before park close, so it worked out.) We wound up with Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and Star Tours (another not useful one).

All in all, our FP+ experience was a relative success. I'm not sure how well it would've worked for someone who didn't plan as much as I do. Since I knew approximately where I wanted us to be at any given time, I could use that knowledge to rearrange our return times, but for someone less experienced I could see there being a lot of wasted time. We were also helped by having a short trip where we knew what park we wanted to go to which day; it may have been more difficult if I'd been planning a weeklong trip six months in advance.

Anyway, I remain cautiously optimistic for the future of FP+ and Disney parks as a whole. No matter how difficult of a time you have adjusting to FP+, I defy you to look at New Fantasyland and say the magic is gone.

I was traveling with my girlfriend each time and we had very good experiences with FP+ in general. Now, let me start by saying that she has had numerous surgeries on her right knee and that allowed us to use the GAC on the first two trips, and then the DAS in December. We did utilize the FP+ system to get the experience and see how it works. I was very curious about this and wanted to see where WDW was headed in the future.

We were fortunate to be among the first people to test the MB and FP+ at the POR in September and we were over joyed to be part of it. We were able to schedule the FP+ for the entire trip a couple of weeks in advance, which was great because I am one of those that loves to plan ahead on my trips (but not quite a commando planner!). I was able to schedule those FP+ times around our existing dining reservations, with a couple of exceptions. The app really needs to realize that if we have a dining reservation at 1:20 for Le Cellier , we cannot use a FP+ for test track from 1:10 to 2:10! We used just about every one of our FP+ and relied on the GAC to facilitate her needs while waiting in line. We did not really have any issues with using the FP+ on this particular trip. Since we did it so far in advance, we were able to think about how we wanted to attack the parks and plan for the FP+ times that we picked.

When we went on the Oct 26 trip, we had kept our MB’s from the September trip , and were able to add other tickets we already had, to the MB the day that we went into the park. We were told that they were not sure that our bands would still work from our previous trip, but we like to test limits, so we did it anyway. So we were not able to pick FP+ times out beforehand, but as soon as we were in the gate, we were able to start scheduling our FP+ times for that day using the app. It took a little bit of time, but got decent FP+ time throughout the day. As a person who likes to collect everyone’s tickets and dash from one ride to another to secure the next FP+, this was nice to not rush around the park. Downsides. We were crisscrossing the park more, it seemed, than before. We were there for the Food and Wine Festival after all! The times were not in a logical flow like I prefer. FP+ times in Future World while we were trying to get thru (a very crowded) FWF was a challenge and we ended up not using one of them. Also, did not like the tiered system. Not a good idea for when you have rides like Soaring, Test Track and Mission:Space all together and you have to choose.

For the December trip, we had the same type experience as the October trip. We added more tickets to our MB’s and got to schedule FP+ times each day. Since we were there for Christmas, and not something like FWF, we were able to have more flexibility in our schedule to work around the impromptu FP+ times. One side note about the app. We were able to schedule a 6:30 time for supper at the Liberty Tree Tavern on the app just an hour before the reservation time while standing in Tomorrowland. Simply opened the app and looked for open reservation times and we got lucky. Very lucky. One of the best meals in the MK and especially at Christmas time.

We never had an issue with the FP+ not working when we approached at our appointed time. So, that was not a problem. With that being said, the MDE app was slow. Very slow. Almost painfully slow. I use an Android, but my girlfriend has an iPhone and it was just as slow on hers. I am sure they have some of their best people working on this and a new version will be out shortly (insert laughter here). It’s a great idea, but they have a bit more work to do before it is up to a truly Disney Experience for me.

In conclusion, I still love WDW. I will always love WDW. Changes will come and go, and I will adapt to them so that I still enjoy the parks. I don’t get as hung up as I used to about missing a ride. As I have grown older (I am 36 now), I have learned there is more to WDW than just the rides. I enjoy the food immensely now. The shows that my dad would drag me into, I now enjoy watching and remembering him since he passed away 9 years ago. And I now understand why he enjoyed them! Kevin was right, it is more about who I am with and enjoying the memories that we make, not just the rides. As I get older, and have the opportunity to have kids, I know that they will make memories just as I have thru the years. My knowledge of WDW will only add to their experience as I am able to make sure they see the details and magic everywhere.

I just came back from a short trip to Disney World with my mom and 2 younger sisters (15 and 8) on March 1 and 2. Since we didn't stay on property, we didn't have magic bands, but we did still participate in the FastPass+ program. I have to admit, since reading the boards before our trip, my expectations were very low about the new system. I had it in my head that it was going to be extremely complicated and I wouldn't be able to go on as many rides as I used to be able to (we were the type of family to get about 4-6 FastPasses per day on the old system). However, I'm very happy to report that the new system completely exceeded my expectations.

Since we got to both of the parks at rope drop (EPCOT and Magic Kingdom), the FastPass+ kiosk lines were very manageable - we were able to make our selections in under 10 minutes. When I heard about the tier system implemented at EPCOT, I was sure I would have to leave out either Soarin and Test Track and save it for out next trip. While sending my sisters to hold a place in line to meet Anna and Elsa, my mom and I ended up getting Fastpasses for Soarin, Nemo, and Turtle Talk (although Turtle Talk ended up being down - they said we could come back at any time even if it wasn't in our window) for later in the day so we could finish World Showcase in the morning and Future World in the afternoon. My mom took one of my sister's place in line so we could run to ride Test Track - and my fears of having to choose between the tier 1 rides vanished when we got to ride TT twice in under 30 minutes using the single rider line (we were also able to ride Maelstrom with a 10 minute wait). We were able to ride all of the rides we wanted - I think the longest line we stood in was 15-20 minutes - and we're still able to get good seats for Illuminations. We ended up having the same success in Magic Kingdom the next morning. My sister and I went right to Space Mountain, rode it twice, and then rode Big Thunder, all in the first 45 minutes of park opening. At that time, my mom and other sister made our FastPass+ selections for Big Thunder, Peter Pan, and Jungle Cruise. They were for later in the day - but I was just glad we ended up getting pretty good selections. After we rode Big Thunder in the morning, I changed our FastPass+ to Winnie the Pooh - again with a very short wait at the kiosks. The cast member asked me what ride I wanted, I told him Winnie the Pooh and he was able to secure it for me - for 10 minutes after I made the reservation! Again, we were able to ride every single ride we wanted - which was practically every ride in the park - and we were still able to get good spots right in front of the castle for MSEP/CTM/Wishes. The longest I remember waiting in line was for Haunted Mansion for about 45 minutes.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised with my FastPass+ experience. After all of the negative things I have heard about it, I was glad we didn't have any bad experiences with technical difficulties or extreme wait times. I can't say I don't miss the old system, but I don't think this new system is the abomination everyone makes it out to be. Granted, maybe my experience would have been different if I had the option to make my selections 2 months in advance and that might have added some stress to my vacation planning - but I am a planner by nature, I love to have everything planned as much as possible, and having to make the selections the day of probably stressed me out more than if I had to make them way in advance.

We enjoyed using fast pass+ when we used it on our trip in the end of August. They were still in early testing phase, but we loved it. We don't do lots of fast passes usually because we take the parks slower and go in slower times. We don't usually go to a ride to get the pass then go back later to ride. Only exceptions would be soaring and toy story. We are two adults and two younger teens.

We went December 28, 2013 – January 2, 2014. Our party included myself, husband and son (20) and daughter (17). I was very nervous about going during this week since it is insanely busy but it was our only option (my son is military and we wanted him to go with us). Add to that the FPP we would be experiencing for the first time and I was very hesitant. What I found was that we actually enjoyed using the My Disney Experience app and the FPP. I was able to change my FastPass selections at the last minute several times including on New Year’s Eve! I had no issues with MDE app at all and I know a lot of people have complained about the app.

What I liked about the FPP:

1) We didn’t have to be at the park at Rope Drop every.single.day and especially to ride TSMM which is my husband’s favorite. FPP allowed us to ride TSMM several times and all in the late afternoon or evening. We never had to wait in a line for 180 minutes or worry that we would be trampled getting to the FP kiosk at Rope Drop to get a return time of after lunch. 2) We were able to be a little more laid back in our touring plans due to knowing we would be able to ride what we wanted and when we wanted to. This allowed sleeping in some since there were many late nights. 3) We only missed a few rides due to not being able to use FPP or else the lines were so long—but again, we were there the week of NYE so we went with low expectations! 4) Changing FPP was easy and seamless and we were able to change from park to park as well which helped with us changing last minute FPPs.

What I didn’t like (and there will be no surprises here!): 1) While I understand the concept for doing so I have to say the tiers are awful!! We completely missed Soarin’ due to long lines and moving the Epcot day with Soarin’ to DHS to enjoy Rock-n-Roller and TSMM (again). However we also weren’t doing Rope Drops as much during this trip which would have worked in Soarin’. But the options for the tiers are just bad. Especially at Epcot. I had an awful time finding option 2 and 3. For example I had Test Track, Spaceship Earth and Mission Space. We rode Test Track, the family decided no on felt like riding Mission Space and Spaceship Earth was a walk-on…so we didn’t use 2 of the 3. Walk-ons with a FPP on the band happened many times so we wasted several FPP this trip. 2) Not being able to cross parks. We Park Hop extensively! Many days we are in 3 parks in one day and sometimes we make all 4. If I could cross parks then we could have rode Test Track and then made MK with lower Tier rides. 3) Being limited to 3 FPP a day. We do not accumulate 10 like so many but we could do 2-3 in one park and then 2-3 in another park, or even 1 but that option is now gone.

Overall, I really didn’t mind the changes. It just requires a new approach and an open mind. I am a planner so planning six months out isn’t that huge of a deal. This is especially true since I can adjust those plans over and over! I did so on this last trip. I have screen prints from MDE to use in my TR that is still in progress so I could illustrate what changes I made and how many times I made them!

I am hoping Disney does listen to some of the comments since they are still in the “test phase” but I do not fall into the category that Disney is messing up royally by doing this or that the sky is falling. In many ways, I feel that it will make it easier to Commando tour since I can arrange things as I want…it just will take a different approach and we will still do Rope Drops (or almost Rope Drops) and close the parks down. We will still get all we want to get done, done! Maybe not at New Year’s but we usually go during summer months and I can see myself making this work to our advantage!

Also, Kevin (I think) was wondering about the ones that voted “Don’t Know” in last week’s poll. I was one of the 10%! I voted Don’t Know because it really would depend on what the paying extra would get me and how much it costs. If it benefits my family and what we want in a vacation, I would go for it! But when I voted, I thought it out and decided I couldn’t say one way or the other honestly without having details to base my decision on! I do know I pay a lot already for a vacation so I would have a dollar amount that would cap out to purchase FastPass but I definitely would pay to be able to enjoy the trip I am paying so much for already if it fit into my budget and benefited us!

I wanted to share my family's experiences with FastPass+/Magic Bands. Our experiences might be a little different than others as we are local annual pass holders, and we are also a large family of 6. Our expectations when we walk into one of the parks now is vastly different than when we used to only be able to come down a few times a year.

We had our first FastPass+ experience back in October, when we came down for a quick trip while we were in Washington DC for training. We decided to stay on property, and were lucky enough to be at a resort that was testing the Magic Bands. Excitedly, we customized our bands, and waited for them to arrive in the mail. Upon arrival we had a lot of trouble getting our AP's linked to the bands, so we were never able to pre book any FastPasses. It was a little aggravating, but not a big deal. When we got down there we were able to link our passes, and since there were so few people using FastPass+ we were able to get what we wanted without much problem. It was a good experience, but there were hiccups. The app failed A LOT, but with some patience, we worked through it.

One difficulty that did did encounter was that one of our kids was unable to come down on that trip, so she was never issued a Magic Band. Since that trip in October we have returned several times, and have had to make good use of the Child Swap to make sure that we all got to ride our favorites. Luckily, we have an infant that made this a possibility, because it would have been next to impossible to get our daughters same day Fast Passes to co-inside with our pre-booked ones. Now that they have made Magic Bands available to AP holders this won't be a problem anymore, but it did cause some headaches. Overall I like the new system. If you can schedule your FastPasses well you can eliminat

e what was always my least favorite part of a day in the parks, the rope drop sprint for FastPasses. Now we can book a later time for Toy Story Mania, and not rush out the door in the morning. It was hard getting five of us out the door in time for rope drop, with the 6 of us it would be close to impossible! I do wish that you were able to get more than 3 FastPasses per day, and I despise the tier system at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, but it works for us. I also wish that you could get multiple Fastpasses in multiple parks. We don't often park hop anymore, but it would be nice to have to option. I understand that for local AP holders we can have the attitude of "we'll just hit that attraction next time", so a lot of the stresses that apply to the family who comes one a year, or once in a lifetime, doesn't affect us. We'll see how we like it when we are only able to visit a couple times over the next two years since we will be working in Israel. That will put a lot more pressure on our time in the parks...

The new system is far from perfect, but I have faith that Disney will figure it out. There will always be people who have difficulty with change-and to be honest, I was fearful that I would have difficulty- but in the future this new way will be the norm, and people will adjust, and like they always have, they will find the loopholes in the system to make it work better for them!

I just thought I would let you know about our experience with Fastpass +. We didn't have a lot of problems. We were annoyed with two things:

1) the lines for Fastpasses were just as long as the standby and park hopping wasn't really a thing it was a waste of money for the park hopper.

2) We couldn't do the Fastpass swap. My mom can't ride anything for medical reasons that Disney can't accommodate so usually my mom would get the Fastpasses with all our tickets and my sister and I would ride while she sat it out with my dad. So we would come off Splash Mountain and get right on Big Thunder. We couldn't do that with the magic bands. We tried to swap the bands but a cast member caught on and had us sent to guest services. They told us not to worry about it because they were still working out kinks but if you ask me if one family member can't ride you should be able to transfer the Fastpasses to someone else in your party. Overall it didn't kill the experience, but it was sort of annoying. We will be back probably for my little sisters 18th birthday in May, but after that we probably won't be back until Disney works out the kinks with the bands. We just don't want to waste time on lines and money on park hoppers if we can't really use them. I know Disney will work out the problems with the bands and that this experience was probably just because they were testing. We still had a great time and we will be back in the future. It doesn't wreck the experience at all we still had a great time and that was the worst part of our trip we're doing ok.

We went back in December the week before Christmas (before boarding the Dream for a Christmas cruise) and had a very good experience with the bands.

It was myself, wife, and daughter (8) along with my Brother and his family (wife, 3 boys 17, 14, 11) and my dad.

As stated, we had a great experience with them. From when we got off the plane and using them the first time to board Magical Express for 4 nights at Art of Animation. We did Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party and with entering the parks early at 4:00 pm before the party I was able, weeks before to get Fastpasses for Peter Pans Flight and the Jungle Jingle Cruise using My Disney Experience and the app. The next day is where things went awry for my immediate family all due to me. After the Party I was trying to link our next days park passes to me, wife, daughter, and dad. I had a feeling I was not doing it right and stopped quickly what I was doing. Stopping by Guest Services the next morning and my error was confirmed. The CM was able to see what I did and quickly link the park passes to each individual correctly and to each Band too. I was then able to call up the app and get Fastpasses for that afternoon with ease for Epcot. The next day was just a visit to several resorts (to see the seasonal decorations) and a visit to Downtown Disney where being able to pay with the Magic Bands was a huge plus. Now, where things might, could’ve gone wrong was very early in our planning. My brothers oldest was rooming with my dad and throughout the trip they had a tough time with his Band. For some reason he already had an account and the system could not delete him and it could not stop from seeing him even though he was linked up with his dad (my brothers) tickets. The issues they had were noted by Guest Services and they let him enter the park, but they were never able to select Fastpasses for him because of the linking issues.

On another note, the first night we arrived my father’s room was not able to open with either his Magic Band or his room key due to the battery on the RFID reader on his door being dead. It took them until 2:00 am to get the right person to the room so they could at least get in the room with a promise of it being fixed in the morning. With that being said, Disney did the right thing the next morning and upgraded my dad and my brother to the Cars suites making the experience better for them as well.

All in all I really like the ability to plan my days months in advance using My Disney Experience and I have full confidence in the Magic Bands going forward. In talking to the cast members they are coming to terms with the Bands and how they work and Disney is making improvements on them with true honest feedback from the park guests.

I can’t wait to go again and proudly use the Magic Bands.

Our family has 2 adults and twins that were 9. We travel with the neighbors 2 adults two teenage boys. There were also 13 other people with us but stayed at different resort and 2 were fl residents. We go every two years and always with the same large group. I planned it all this time including the fast passes. I have had numerous problems with large group travel and Disney as far as dining and the fast pass was no different. It was hard to get everyone same or overlapping hours. I was on the phone many times with Disney rep who attempted to help and many times was able to fix the issues. Only thing was that I had to be on hold while they worked on it and sometimes took quite some time. My picture on buzz lightyear show me on the phone with fast pass service as they had still not fixed by the time we waited in the line. At the time we went there was the double dipping, which we did do at magic kingdom especially day they filmed parade (park was crazy full). We went the Saturday after thanksgiving until the next Sunday, so basically first week December. At that time the only park that had the tier system was epcot, which actually made me quite upset because there are really only 2 rides you need a fast pass for and of course have to pick one. We there enough days to go twice and pick opposite one for each day, but would not want to have to go there twice just for the one ride. I would not like the tier system at all as I am sure most of the things my kids want to ride will all be first tier as they are getting older. I did like the fact that you could set them up a head of time so you did not have to run from the front of the park back to toy story to get a fast pass, you could simply go into the park and enjoy and then hit your ride. But at that time I had fast pass for toy story, rocking roller coaster, and tower of terror. I would not go to that park three times just to make sure I could ride each ride once. I really don't see why there has to be a tier system as the old fast pass could get good ride and then could get another good ride if there were still passes available and besides toy story, soaring, and test track there usually was in the past. I like to preplan but we also had dining so once you get the rides then you have to go back and adjust times on the fast pass around dining and location in the park. I did not mind that but we have been there several times and know our way around. If had been my first time it would have been overwhelming. I am trying to help my sister in law now and would not want my first time there to be under this system. Takes lots of planning time, more than usual.

Besides the tier issue, it is not a flexible system. It was record highs when we were there and the one day it was 85 we decided to go to AK morning hours hit highlight rides and then go back to the pool and then MK later. Of course the fast passes had already been set for MK in the afternoon time. When I tried to change many were not available and for the ones that were our whole party could not get anywhere near the same times. So that day we basically lost our fast passes. At the time the paper ones were still working so we were able to get splash and big thunder paper when we got to the park but if that was not available would would have spent most of our time in line, which does not make happy kids. Unhappy kids make unhappy parents which does effect a trip. I do have to say for the most part all of the staff with the ipads help as best they could and were all very friendly. I will remember to take names of exceptional people like you said and put good word in for them.

We stayed at royal Caribbean and I was skeptical because we tried to get Coronado but free dining had no rooms there. The resort was fine although way spread out and if I would have been in some of the places farther from the food court would not have liked it there. Don't want to take a internal bus to fill up my pop. I think maybe if they put pop refill by several ice stations might help that issue. We had some housekeeping issues while there. twice no toilet paper when returned from park and adjoining room had none either one time. Then they left the cleaning bottle with the chemicals in the bathroom. My kids older so not a big deal but if had younger kids and after toilet paper it was the last straw. I did take it to front desk and told them of the issue and true to Disney they did give us a $78 credit on our room. I was happy with that resolution. The resort was very beautiful just some of the "islands" very far from food court.

Our final decision is that when the people go back again 12/15 we are not going with them. There is only the mine ride that will be different and if the fast passes are all tiered it will just irritate me, I don't want to hop to be able to go to first tier rides. If they get it fixed where you can hop the fast passes as that was not an option when we went. We hopped 3 days but with large group you want to do something else and then meet up later you need the hop option.

My wife and I experienced the new system for the first time back in December during Disaplooza weekend. We stayed at the Grand Floridian using a conference rate. Our magic bands arrived about 3 weeks before our trip and I had no issues connecting our annual passes to my Disney account. I made a few FP reservations before we left along with 1 ADR. On the plane ride down from NJ I was still able to book FPs and ADRs for the entire trip. In fact I find now that with a little flexibility I was able to get into any restaurant using the app once we arrived on property. The 24 hour cancellation notice really starts opening up places 24-48 before the time you want to go. I was able to get both Be Our Guest and 'Ohana from within the park for the next night. I think the best park of the trip is that we had FPs reserved for the headliners at Hollywood Studios for the day of arrival. Instead of having to get to the park at rope drop in order to ride Toy Story, we were able to roll in at 1pm and still get in every ride using standby and FP+. I encountered no technical issues and used mostly my iPhone and iPad throughout the trip. I was able to both book new FPs and change existing ones. This was our 5th trip to WDW that we took last year. We're both in our mid 30s and have no kids, so I realize that we may not be the "typical" Disney family but I'm looking forward to our next trip. I think the new system really plays well with how we tour the parks.

Our trip was Thanksgiving week. We did not book any fastpass until we were onsite, most booked the night before. We do not get to Disney often so the magicbands and fastpass changes were intially confusing. A cm at the hotel helped us set them up (we do not have smartphones). The day after Thansgiving at Epcot ended up being one of our best and most relaxing days due to fastpass plus. despite it being one of the busiest days of the season. We enjoyed having a couple of days to sleep in and still have fastpasses to enjoy for the afternoon/evening. The CM said they were still working out the kinks. He was so Disney-like that I believe him! The system works great for our style of touring, getting to rope drop most days and taking a midday break.

DW and I have used MyDisneyExperience, MagicBands, FastPass+ for our last five trips to Disney World. (twice in Jan., once in Dec., Feb., and Mar. Will be going once again end of Mar.)

We are snowbirds in our early 60's and have two grown kids (early 30's), one lives in Fl. and one, married, lives in Mi.

Our trips were basically planned for two people 1/3 of the time, 3 people 1/3, and 7 people the last 1/3.

I think the key to us having a good experience was that everyone set up MyDisneyExperience accounts, and did the family and friends set-up, in advance. Then as rooms were reserved, and tickets purchased (some of us had annual passes, some bought Fl. resident 3 days, some regular 2 day hoppers) we were able to link everything and make the FastPass+ plans.

The trips where it was just the two of us were naturally the easiest to do. When you are sitting next to the only other person who has an opinion, it's pretty easy to plan. Once you throw in multiple families, it gets more complicated, but not impossible.

So far we have been able to make and change dinner reservations, and FastPass+ choices (both time and attraction) from at home, in the resort, and at the parks. We have used laptops, iPads, and iPhones. We have not used the FastPass+ kiosks in any of the parks. When traveling as a group of seven, we usually ate together, but FastPass+ selections were split among group members according to their desires. We have always found times available to fit in with our changing plans. We were in the parks during Presidents week, but we don't go on weekends. The only time we have been "blue lighted" was when we tried to go through the FastPass+ return line 15 minutes before our window opened. (we got there early and my wife and her friend didn't want to wait) One of the best uses we have experienced was when we arrived at one of our FastPass+ choices and found the stand-by line to be very short. We were able to go through the stand-by line, and then change our unused, but not unexpired, FastPass+ on another attraction.

I'm sure the way we approach our park experience (and the frequency of our trips) has a big impact on our appreciation of the new technology. Yes, it's more complicated than getting there at rope-drop, running to the attraction of your desire, sticking your ticket in a FastPass vending machine and going when the paper ticket tells you to go. With use of the new system, we have become more adept at stacking our FastPass+ selections in the afternoon or evening to avoid the longest wait times, and to mesh with our meal plans (like don't go on Expedition Everest RIGHT after a big breakfast at Tusker House).

My wife, toddler son and I went in January and used the FastPass+ system with magic bands. It was a pleasant experience for us. We were able to change our passes on the fly so it made it easy to see a ride had a short wait and change that fastpass to a different attraction. We were able to hit everything we wanted on this trip. I am curious to see the difference when we go back next year with my two older kids with us.

I wanted to respond to the topic of FP plus, I have to say that we have not used it yet. As I see it now the issue for my family is #1 in the past we have used more than 3 fp per day/ #2 we also park hop. So based on the current FP+ model we have lost much of the opportunities for FP that we had in the past. We only can afford to come about every 2-3 years. Will this keep us away, no. Will I complain in the park and upset my kids, nope. But this is why I have a negative feeling towards it as of now, I hope things will evolve to a model that suits my familes touring style. Thanks for the discussion. I hope Disney listens and tweaks things just a bit more.

Very glad to contribute my experiences about this important topic. Sorry in advance for what is sure to be a wordy response!

I have visited WDW 30+ times in the last 15 years. We have been DVC members at Bay Lake for several years and have stayed at most of the resorts. I consider myself fairly experienced at WDW, and I've seen a lot of changes. I agree that they are inevitable and we need to accept and learn to work with them. But after my first FP+ experience at the end of February this year, my patience and personal stash of pixie dust is running low. I traveled with my daughters (13, 15) and my mother (64). We selected our FPs 60 days in advance through My Disney Experience and had some trouble with the site, including some reservations and bands that wouldn't link, conflicting information from cast members to resolve the issues, and really poor load times on the site. Those glitches are understandable early on with a massive change like this, so we kept a "wait and see" attitude. The hardest part was having to make choices so far in advance.

After four days in the parks, we concluded a few things about FP+:

- It dictates your experience too much - Disney's argument that it adds control and flexibi

lity is simply false. Yes, you can still enjoy yourself, but not entirely on your own terms.

- FP+ makes park hopping virtually useless on busy days. Since you can only select attractions at one park per day, by the time you hop to another the wait times can be outrageous - to me, stand by wait times seemed particularly high. If I didn't have an annual pass, I doubt I would spend the extra $ to buy park hoppers for upcoming trips this year.

- Three passes per day is not enough. Period. (But I would NOT pay for additional FPs if that rumor materializes, and I think it would create a huge backlash)

- You can change your FP reservations during your visit, but only to another attraction during the same time slot as the original. I'm not sure if this is always the case or by chance, but it happened to me several times at multiple parks. Again, little flexibility.

- The "tier" system in place for some parks at the time I made reservations is awful. Please Disney, don't restrict my choices when I can only make three!

- Cast members are learning all this, too. Before and during the trip, I got conflicting information about how the new system worked. Cast members aren't to blame - clearly they need more training on this major change. One even told me that there was no tier system and was confused when I showed it to her on my app!

- The mobile app still needs a LOT of work. Problems with dining reservations, app crashing and freezing repeatedly, inability to connect to park wifi - the list of glitches goes on. It will be a great tool once it works consistently. All that said, there are some positives.

- I like the idea of using an app vs. sending a "runner" for paper FPs all day. (But bring an emergency phone charger because your phone will die late in the day!)

- I like that convenience of the bands for FPs, tickets, etc. (though they need to link the AP discount to them so you don't have to carry your card too to get discounts!)

- I was very impressed that when rides were temporarily down during my FP+ time, I received emails allowing us to ride any other attraction with a FP at any time of day. Well done on that one! That's Disney-quality service. I think it's safe to say this will be a tough transition for a very long time. For now, there are too many glitches and too little flexibility and control. Perhaps that won't bother first time park goers who have nothing to compare it too, but frequent guests will surely feel they are losing A LOT. When I return in June with my husband and four teenagers, I'm hoping some bugs will be ironed out and that I learned a bit on my last trip to work the system better next time. I will work to adapt, but I am very hopeful Disney will listen to what guests are saying and find a middle ground that we can ALL live with. Sadly right now, WDW is a little less magical for some guests and FP+ is the reason why.

I am listening to your podcast from yesterday regarding Fastpass+. We went to Disney the end of August last year-and stayed at Pop Century where we got to test the Magic Bands and FastPass+. Although the app didn't always work, it really wasn't that bad. We did stop at a kiosk a few times when we had problems, but we did schedule or attractions from home and were excited. Luckily we were able to still use the paper fast pass as well. Now with our trip this August I know we wont be able to do that. I think only having 3 will limit what we can do. We have a 2 year old and a 10 year old. Fastpass is good if you have everyone wanting to do the same thing but if you have kids that want to do thrill rides that everyone else can't do, then you have to split your family and make harder decisions. I see that being a problem. Last year we just got paper ones to fix this--but for this trip I see it causing a problem. I'd also like to use as parade or fireworks viewing, but that takes away from a ride. It would be nice to see Disney give 3 for rides and 1 for "other". I like the magic bands, loved how everythign was linked. Just not happy that its only 3 fasspasses. We are a family that likes to plan and likes to ride, and in the past used numerous fastpasses in the same day. This will make things harder but we will still enjoy.

I have to say that we experienced the new system on our last trip 7 in November 2013, our family make up is 2 adults one teen and a 4 year old. Overall we enjoyed the magic bands quite a bit, the fast pass + product was generally enjoyable. The positives are my DW loves to plan well in advance, which suits me well as I was not particularly fond of running for fast passes that early in the morning (that is what run Disney is for), on the no so great side I found lining up to use your fastpass+ as much as we did to be a little annoying but I figure Disney will work that out with time. Overall I would have to say I am a fan of the new changes. Thank You Joseph PS I think they should sell a version of the Magic Bands with a Fitbit or a Nike Fuel in it, I think that would make the bands more useful beyond just the trip.

My family was able experience FP+ on Jan. 15th at Magic Kingdom. We were part of the first test for off-site guests to use the system. We arrived at the TTC around 9am and were greeting by a cast member with an iPad. He showed us how to use the system. It was a breeze! Our RFID cards (no Magic Bands since we were off-site) worked without fail. Even my 4 year-old was able to use it without issue. We didn't try to make any changes once we got into the parks so I don't know how well that process works.

I think it all comes down to attitude and expectations. My husband and I used to live in the Orlando area and had APs during that time so we are really familiar with the parks. That helps to relieve some of the stress/overwhelming feeling of FPs in general. We have a good idea of what legitimately needs a FP and what doesn't. FP+ is a benefit to us since we are not Rope Drop people and we don't do Death by Disney. While some love the rush of running to the FP machines, I used to cringed at the thought of having to be at DHS early just so I could run to TSM to grab a FP for 8pm that night. Now, I feel more relaxed knowing that I can sign up for that weeks in advance. Our goal is to go and have fun as a family not necessarily how many rides can we cram in a day. I completely understand the flip side that this may be the only time they get to go and the trip has to be perfect. Granted, we were very on a "cold" (it was 60*) week day with low crowds, we still saw people walk by Journey Under the Sea because the 30 minute wait was "too long."

It's Disney world, the point is to have fun with your friends and family. So, as I overheard a mom telling a dad at Crystal Palace one night, "We are at Disney! Quit being and asshole and have fun!"

My last trip was December 7-14, 2013.

We were a family of 3: husband (disabled veteran on a cane and in a scooter, reluctantly), myself and my 5 year old daughter. We stayed at Port Orleans FQ. We rented a minivan and brought our own ramp to get it in and out of the van because my husband does not do the buses! We had a 6 day park hopper. I planned ahead making dining reservations starting at 180 days. I made our FP reservations at 60 days, but honestly changed them a few times leading up to the trip. I had a glitch on the app where I could not get a day to load, called Disney and it was not a fruitful effort. So, I left it alone for a few days, logged back in, and all was fine. I ended up with like 6 FP in one day (which I did not need to use) on MDE because of the glitch. Primeval Whirl x 3 anyone? Me either :-P I was able to get every single attraction I wanted when I wanted it. This was before they implemented the tiered system and before all the resorts were live, I believe, but it was honestly a breeze to get FP for attractions. We did popular rides on FP+ such as BTTMR, Splash, Haunted Mansion, Toy Story Midway Mania, Test Track, Maelstrom, Peter Pan, Living with the Land, that stupid and stinky Autopia, character meets, Everest, Kilaminjaro Safaris to name a few. We re-road Peter Pan and Toy Story Mania a couple of times. We missed a couple of attractions I wanted to see (Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress), but that was a kid-related issue, not a FP one. I made adjustments to the FPs the day of at least half of the days of our trip due to making adjustments to suit our needs once we were actually in the parks. I never had trouble getting a FP for what we wanted. It literally took minutes from my iPhone and I often did it while we were in line for something else. I actually changed a FP during the window to something else. I was the chief planner. Knowing the rationale for what to tour, when and why combined with what our family wanted to do made our park time actually quite relaxing. Good itineraries and FP+ were the key. We never waited more than 15 minutes for any meet or attraction. We had a lot of stop and smell the roses moments because my husband needs time to be away from too much stimulation (ha!) and my 5 year old is kind of a chill kid as well. While we were there every day at park opening, we did not commando tour. Most days we left for midday breaks, came back for early dinners and did not stay past 8pm. We paid for everything on the MagicBands (no dining plan, we paid as we went) and it was flawless. We had about 5 table service meals and the rest counter service. It did seem to me to be more challenging to get table service reservations on MDE than attractions, but still we got what we wanted. My observations and thoughts:

1. My prior trips were in 2007 and 2011. It was *AWESOME* to not have to race at rope drop to get paper fast passes. In the first 30 minutes you will still get a couple of headliners in so you can use FP for other things, midafternoons, or re-rides. Nice!

2. FP+ for character meets is outstanding. I detest waiting in line to meet characters.

3. I honestly did not seem to need more than 3 fast passes. I can remember grabbing tons of paper fast passes and giving away most of them back in 2007 and 2011. FP+ helped me calm down a bit (I’m the hyper one in the family) so I didn’t have spaz out about running all over to grab this stuff.

4. I saw a lot of children who did not have their MagicBands fitted on their wrist properly. There is the external piece to peel off and this was not done in most cases. Not sure if people chose it that way, or if people just don’t read the insert that comes with the bands.

5. I did not use park Wifi. My Verizon coverage was perfect.

6. I am a planner. I am a researcher. I am also somewhat of a skeptic though I’m generally a very positive person. I went into it with an open mind and was more than pleasantly surprised. I did not feel like it took a lot of time for me to do our FP+ reservations and ADRs. I spent most of my planning time on which parks per day and that’s because I just enjoyed the process. Overall, I believe FP+ is an excellent addition to the WDW vacation. It was our best trip yet and I owe a lot of that to MDE and FP+. Like anything else, I believe you see what you want to see, and you get back what you give away.

My friend and I were at WDW last year for the EPCOT F & W Festival (and will be back again this year), and were able to use the Magic Bands. While there was a slight issue at the end of the trip, for the most part, there were no problems. It was very convenient and let us plan our day more efficiently. For instance, we didn’t feel the need to be in the parks early in the morning anymore. During one of the days, we specifically chose fast passes later in the day so we can sleep in that morning. We would not have been able to do that at Hollywood Studios in the past. The Magic Bands/MyDisneyExperience made our trip stress free, and allowed us to relax even more. I do think the negative experience comes from the lack of preparation of some guests. W

hen we were paying for our breakfast at Mara, I noticed the people in front of us had trouble using their Magic Bands. That’s because they let their grandson choose the pin on their Magic Bands, and they couldn’t remember it!

I believe Disney is trying their best to prepare guests for the experience. For our trip in November, we already received a booklet explaining My Disney Experience. It even includes a handy magnet that tells us the exact dates to book dining, select fast passes, and the online check-in.

Thank you for bringing up this topic on the podcast! While I don’t post on DisBoards, I have read the negative reports and can’t help but laugh at how different my experience was.

I am a huge Disney geek! I have been to Disneyland too many times to count, and Disney World numerous times also. My boyfriend and I stayed at the Pop Century the second week of December (2013). Luckily I asked my travel agent (Dreams Unlimited of course!) if the "My Disney Experience" app was available for my windows phone, so that not being the case I packed a small laptop for the sole purpose of making my Fastpass Plus reservations.

I chose my rides the night before going to each park, and had no problems getting the times I desired. It was far easier than trekking across the park to each individual Fastpass machine! There was a glitch getting my room to sync up at the get go, but a quick trip to the front desk, and the problem was solved. The two criticisms I have are, for the technologically impaired, my poor boyfriend for example, to make Fastpass reservations on a smartphone or laptop would be out of the question. However the front desk made it clear that they'd be happy to make the reservations for you. Also, even tho I understand that the top thrill rides garner the most Fastpasses, some of the other rides they make you choose from in the other category's are a joke! Maybe let us reserve three, and physically get one or two more at the machine.

Overall, ours was a very positive experience with the new system! Love the podcast.

I look toward to Tuesdays and viewing the program. I have been with you since the start of the podcast. I enjoy the personalities of the group and look forward to their different opinions.

Has Disney changed, of course it has. Everyone should be disappointed if it did not evolve. We have been coming the first week in December to the World every year since 2002 and had visited various times before that. Those first years were with family and now it is granddaughters or just the two of us.

With Fastpass + last year we had a much calmer, easier and more enjoyable experience. Not having to run at rope drop for a pass is reason enough to love the Fastpass +. Like you, I cannot understand the negativity of some people. My thought is with the new system they can no longer collect their many passes and they feel their experiences are not as ‘fun’. While the new system levels the ‘game field’ so that everyone who wants a pass can have an equal chance at getting their desired pass it also limits those that want to do nothing but ride continuously. I am sure that Fastpass+ will evolve and be more flexible in the coming months. If it doesn’t then WDW will not work for some people, but for those of us who don’t count the success of our trip with the amount of fastpasses we can collect, it will be an enhanced experience. People tend to forget that WDW is meant for enjoying the total experience, not just running from one ride to the next.

We planned ahead and scheduled three passes for each day. Once in the park, we changed several each day with no problems. The Magic Bands worked every time, everyplace. At this point I would not like to return to the old cards and paper passes. We were more than satisfied with the new system and are looking forward to our December annual trip. Life is a journey, not a race.

I really enjoy watching your podcasts and different videos on YouTube! My family and I went to Disney World in October and we are about to leave in 2 days for another visit. We visited from October 19-26, and we stayed at the polynesian. There were 4 of us-myself, my husband and my 2 children (4 and 13 months (at the time)). My mom, sister and aunt stayed at a different resort than we were there. Let me just say, I did extensive research of MyMagic+ before setting up anything on the website. Your friends/family list is very important! Once you have everything set up correctly, the system works pretty well, but does have some flaws (I find it hard to navigate, not that user friendly). I might go against the majority, but I like the new FastPass+. With 2 young children, I find it difficult to run to different attractions and collect all the fastpasses we would like for the day. Making the selections in the app or website is not difficult, but I find that when you need to change the times of the FP, it gets tedious. Using the magic band at the attraction was very simple and it worked great. Occasionally the system was "acting up" and the cast members let us come right through. Check in was a breeze with the magic band. I did online check in before we left and all of my info was in the system, no problem. I really enjoyed the magic band as well. With 2 small children, it was such a nice option to not have to dig through my things to find tickets/FP/room key/credit card. The trip I am about to take in 2 days was booked just after Christmas. We are staying at the art of animation in the nemo suites. Everything was very similar to the first time I signed up. Everything linked, no issues. My only complaint that I'm having is that Disney sends another set of bands when you book again. I thought they were reusable? My brother is a DVC member and annual pass holder and has 4 bands since he received his first band in August. I also purchased my tickets separately and just received them about a month ago. There were still plenty of FPs to chose from, and I'm still making changes to them and I'm having no issues finding what we need. We made a few dining reservations as well, and actually found a lot of availability. We are so excited to visit again! Don't believe the rumors, everyone! I really like the new system and I think through time Disney will work out the kinks. Thanks for reading my email! Keep up the great work, dis unplugged!

This past thanksgiving I planned my family's first vacation to Walt Disney World. The ages of the six of us were 18, 20, 22, 26, 51, and 53. We received our magic bands about a month in advance and experienced no problems using them to get in the park or enter a face pass line. I set up all of our fast passes for everyday with ease. The disney website was easy to navigate and everything worked out the way I planned it months prior to. Our smart phones easily accessed the app while in the park to check up on our fast pass times and checking wait times of other attractions. All in all, this being my second trip to Disney World, and first using the magic bands, we could not have asked for a better experience. All aspects of the system worked to perfection for us. We got in the parks with ease and got on and off the main rides at each park in no time. We had the time of our lives. I do not understand the people the bash this system before giving it a chance. I feel that it does require more thoughtfulness in planning, but the end result is a smooth transition when you know what time you need to be at a certain ride or show for your fast pass. I hope more people email y'all in support of fast past plus. Thank you and God bless.

My wife and I just got back from a trip Feb23rd to March 2nd. Little background on us. This was my 28th trip and 20th for my wife.. I have been when there was no fastpass, with the old system and now this was our 3rd trip with fastpass+. This trip was awesome. Not case with first two trips with FP+.

First two trips we had problems with bands working and constantly having to show app or getting questioned if had FP or not. This trip though the bands work perfect for everything, except one time. The last night we stayed my band would not let me in our room at Saratoga springs. My wife's band though worked first time she tried it. Then 10 mins later my band started working again and would open door.. That was only time I had issue. Charges at shop, Charges for food at restaurants, getting in park, FP+, getting in room, security gate to get into Saratoga... Bands worked pretty much perfect all 9 days we were there.

This trip we just had a more relaxed time. We were not running back and forth across park to make or get a fastpass. We seem to take a more easy time exploring park knowing when needed to be on certain areas at certain times. The app laid out the fastpass in way that went around park, not back and forth across park. I did not have to worry if when I walked up to get fastpass if the time available would mess up a dinner reservation or if it was in time of day we couldn't make it because wanted to do parade or show. Plus I didn't have to get up early to get to Hollywood studios to get a FP to TSM. We usually sleep in some and get to parks about noon and stay late. So previous trips we were out of luck on a lot of attractions to even get a fastpass.

Still not happy about 3 limit or park hopping.. But overall we are very happy with new system.. Planning a trip for my 40th birthday (May 23rd!) Can't pass up a 24 hour birthday party at magic kingdom! LOL

Think with few adjustments, which I think is coming with extra pass after use one or two of your FPs and possible park hopping option for FP+, it will be a whole lot better system than had before.

First off I want to tell you how happy I am that y'all are coming to Fort Worth next week, I'm super pumped to meet y'all. Also thank you for doing everything that you do for the Disney fan community. You make living so far away from Disney a little more bearable with your shows.

As far as my experiences with Fastpass+, my family and I didn't have any issues with it, and actually enjoyed it. My family and I went to DisneyWorld for Thanksgiving of 2013, which was out 14th trip to DisneyWorld. There are four of us in my family, my mom (46) and dad (48), myself (20), and my little sister (16). We started off by sitting down a few weeks before our trip and decided which attractions we wanted to Fastpass. This was the most difficult part of entire process, making sacrifices so that everyone got to do something that they really wanted. The best part of Fastpass+, is that we were able to plan out every detail of our trip before we were even in Florida.

We realized that because all of our Fastpass times were in the afternoon, we wouldn't have to kill ourselves with rope drops, and running to get paper Fastpasses.

Fastpass+ will help make trips to DisneyWorld more of a vacation and less of a chore. We have already started planning our next trip, again at Thanksgiving, and look forward to using Fastpass+ to make our trip more enjoyable.

I hope my trip report helps clear up any misconceptions of Fastpass+ for fellow viewers. To begin, we are not the "traditional" Disney family. I say this because my husband and I are recently married pushing thirty-something's that have no children, and do not plan to do so. We are frequent travelers, and just last year rediscovered Disney after several years absence from the parks. Our first trip to Disney World was in May 2013, and we enjoyed it so much that we booked another impromptu trip for the first week of December to experience the Christmas season in the parks. Also, ironically enough the newfound Disney geeks inside of us actually wanted to try out fastpass+ while still in its testing phase so to speak.

Many things have already changed with the system since early December, and we even noticed such concepts like tiering beginning to take effect while we were there. We booked our fast passes before tiering started, and at that point half of the fastpass+ guests who booked early were not subject to tiers at Hollywood Studios & Epcot, while the other half who did not book passes as timely were now subject to the tiers. AP's were still able to "double dip" with their bands and passholder cards, and outside guests were using the classic fast pass system.

Now with most things there are pros & cons, and I believe that fastpass+ is generally a great concept that keeps Disney current with the changing times. It just needs some tweaks is all. My husband and I differ in the fact that on vacation I like to plan, while he likes to wing it. There have been many days where we play Russian Roulette with the busses in the morning and don't decide where we're going that day until one pulls up and we hop on. With fastpass+ this type of touring may need to be slightly altered. We have found a great compromise by "winging" our mornings, and planning our afternoons with fast passes and dinner reservations. This allows us to still park hop during the day riding shorter lines at one park in the morning, then switching parks and using our scheduled fast passes in the afternoon and evening hours when lines are longer and passes are most beneficial. We also found that in December if we wanted to switch or reschedule passes for that same day, that attractions and times were still somewhat plentiful and easy to change. I being the planner in the family enjoy scheduling certain attractions in advance, and will never miss the days of the stampede of people running to get fast passes at park opening. Haven't we all been subjected to or at least witnessed the insanity that is Toy Story Mania at 9am with half of the party getting future fast passes, then meeting up with their family who is already in the line queue all the while stepping on your toes and invading your personal space. No thank you, glad it's over! Some other benefits of fastpass+ we enjoy are the convenience of charging to your magic band, and the bands ability to house your room key, photopass pictures, dining reservations, ect. all in one spot.

On the downside, I do not enjoy the already mentioned tiering system in place at Hollywood Studios & Epcot, or the inability to schedule passes at multiple parks. Only having three a day doesn't bother me or seem to alter our touring plans, especially when used at peak times. I do feel reluctant to use any fast passes at Epcot as it seems to be a complete waste. Don't get me wrong I love Living with the Land, but wasting a fastpass for it seems ridiculous. Like we can't wait the six minutes it takes to get on a boat? And in what world is the line for Maelstrom on par with the wait times for Soarin'? How did these two ever get tiered together? I believe there are some fastpass restrictions that could and should be altered, and I hope Disney listens to the requests of its guests to find new options. However, with a little research and thoughtful selections it is not something that can't currently be worked around. As far as the app and the My Disney Experience website itself, they can be at times slow and have issues when booking or canceling reservations. On a positive note, I have been planning for an upcoming trip and with the passing months I have run in to less and less system issues. Personally, I'm okay with fastpass+ and it saddens me to think that people are cancelin

g their reservations or avoiding the parks altogether because of it. For those who haven't experienced it yet, please try before you judge and you may find that like us it didn't greatly alter or affect your plans. The parks are in no way any less magical, and I would never say that I would not visit again because of fastpass+. In fact, we purchased our first year of annual passes during our last Christmas trip and have future plans to visit many more times this year. I understand it may take some getting used to, but fastpass+ has not been a negative game changer for us. It actually brings some level of excitement to the at home experience. I can honestly admit that I feel a great sense of fun and accomplishment when I am able to secure a lineup of great fastpasses, or a prime dining reservation from the comfort of my own home playing on my tablet. Again, I hope this honest opinion helps anyone considering an upcoming trip to the parks. And also to ease the worries of anyone who has yet to experience it. Sometimes I think the negativity of fastpass+ can be blown out of proportion and I hope everyone can go in to it with an open mind.

I am not a disboard poster, I've never registered on the site and have never made one post. I do read the boards, and have been a faithful podcast listener since 2008. I felt compelled to share my Fastpass Plus experience, because I too have seen the negativity, not just on Disboards, but Facebook, other fan sites...pretty much where anyone talks about Fastpass

Plus. My family has been going to Disney since 2005. Since then we have had many trips, at least a dozen, plus a few one day visits when we were in the area. We were not "commando" in the sense of park open to park close, but I am a planner, and did have the ordered list of attractions to go from a to b to c, and my husband would certainly call me commando. We were rope droppers, had a plan, and stuck to it, made our dining reservations exactly 180 days in advance...the list goes on. And we had some not so magical moments because of it. After so many trips, we now feel that we do not have to "do it all"...or even "do a lot." We have a few favorites at each park, but after that it's much more laid back. But we were still faithful rope droppers, and fast pass users. My husband and I took an adults only anniversary trip to WDW in October 2013 for Food and Wine Festival and had the opportunity to use FP+..granted, this was before the tiering system at DHS and Epcot, but more on that later. This was perhaps the best trip ever (and not because the kids weren't there, lol).

I loved FP+. I loved knowing that I could head into Hollywood Studios at noon, and still get to ride Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror and Star Tours without much of a wait. And then I could see a couple shows and then head to Epcot to enjoy some food and wine, and maybe Test Track single rider.

There were so many things that were different about this trip. First off---we ate breakfast (almost every morning) in a RESTAURANT...that was unheard of before. Breakfast would be quick food in the room so that we could make it to the bus stop by 8am to be at the park for rope drop. Next-we park hopped, something we would NEVER do before. I have heard so many people say that the current FP+ system discourages park hopping...I haven't found that to be the case. We could go to a park in the late morning, enjoy the afternoon using FP+, then maybe head back to the hotel for a bit. Then we would head out for a late night at a park...attractions get shorter lines late at night too, no FP+ needed. And we then didn't need to worry about getting up early the next morning. No, we didn't ride every attraction multiple times, but we hit every attraction that was important to us, and enjoyed being in the park. And, the one attraction we do enjoy multiple times, TSM, we rode 3x in our 4 day weekend, and only one of those was with FP+. We also rode first thing during an EMH morning (another first, we typically don't do EMH), and then one night we hopped in line just before closing. So it is possible even with the current constraints.

While there, we both agreed that this was the best Disney trip ever, that we wanted to bring the kids soon, again for a long 4 day weekend. We decided to surprise our kids (ages 8 and 11) with a trip over Memorial Day Weekend. I'm convinced this trip will be just as successful. We will do many of the same things--one EMH morning, breakfasts in a restaurant every other morning, some later nights, but most importantly, taking time to enjoy the things we always rushed through before. My kids love Innoventions, Agent P, any attraction that has an interactive exit area to play in, Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom....so we will reserve our 3 FPs per day, create a tentative plan that allows us to hit a few other favorites at times where we don't have to wait as long, and the rest of the time let the kids enjoy the other things that often take a backseat. A Disney trip doesn't have to be defined by the number of times you ride Soarin'. There are many other great things besides just the "rides." We are not bothered by the tiers. My kids are old enough that we can FP+ TSM and ride RnRC single rider..or skip it...we can FP+ Soarin' and ride TT single rider..or skip Soarin, we've done it several times, we don't need to do it every trip. We don't need FP+ for F! or Illuminations, we can see it easily enough w/out FP+. Or skip it. That's sort of the attitude we have taken. No one or two missed attractions will make or break a vacation. Because for every 30 minutes we are not spending riding Soarin is 30 minutes we are finding something new, or enjoying something we haven't done as much in the past.

I know we will all love not having to wake up to an alarm every morning, not have to rush from a to b to c for those first two hours. I personally will love not having to be the Fast Pass runner, going from Splash Mountain to Space Mountain to retrieve Fastpasses. FP+ has allowed our Disney vacation to actually become more vacation like, more relaxed. I know not every family is like mine. There are many people who are now planning their first trips, so they will want more attractions than we are planning on. But even for those, it can still be done. Yes, it requires a bit of planning. Yes, there are still kinks in the system that need to be worked out. But I see nothing but positives with FP+ and my family.

My wife and I just stayed at animal kingdom lodge this November.

We were new to the my disney experience. We really enjoyed using my disney experience to help plan our trip. What I liked about it was that we were able to do what we wanted and didn't feel like we missed out on much. Making dining reservations was easy and I was even able to book a dinner at the California Grill last minute during the fireworks! Even though we had our fast passes selected well before we made the trip. We were able to make changes when we actually got to the parks if we wanted too. So if we saw no line at small world we would change that fastpass to a space mountain fastpass that would be an hour away. I think even though you have to plan there is still a lot of flexibility to be spontaneous. I love the ease of the magic bands too. Although I didn't know till the end of the trip that I had to actually show my disney visa to get the discount at stores etc. The magic band wasn't to magical then ! Hahaha! The only other negative for us was the day I made just one fast pass selection thinking I could go back into the app to add the other at my leisure. This was not the case. If you want to change your fastpass times/rides you can but you must select all three selections. If you select just one fast pass and you go on the ride you will get locked out of the other two selections. I was able to talk to a cast member and they were extremely helpful and gave us two paper fast passes for rides. One last thing that benefited us with the my disney experience was just recently we were thinking of going in august and my wife had to find out if she could get the time off for work. Well to make sure we got all the dinner reservations we wanted we made them that night through MDE in case we were going and we are!

So I really like it. And in this day in age with technology you must expect some hiccups. It's a learning curve for everyone but not something that should prohibit people from going and having fun! I think it would be nice too if they add one or two more selections. Thanks Pete for being great ! Have a great day! Sorry for the rambling and poor grammar.

I wanted to drop you a note about my recent My Magic + experience.

We used it for the first time Feb 11-16. Our travel party consisted of me, my hubs, daughter (6), son (1) and my mother in law. It was a total last minute trip (like I made reservation for Poly on Feb 10). Long story… We live just outside of Atlanta. DH is a teacher and already had 2 days off (Feb 13 & 14). Snow was forecasted Feb 11 & 12 so school was canceled for those 2 days on the afternoon of Feb 10th. We decided to drive south and enjoy WDW rather than be snowed in. We took my mother in law along to use her baby-sitting skills and military discount (father in law is retired navy). It was an excellent decision.

I was worried bc I didn’t have time to make any FP+ or dining reservations in advance but it turned out to be great! I made all of our FP+ reservations on my phone either day before or while in the park. We were able to do everything that we wanted to do. We got to do some attractions multiple times (DD rode Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster 5 times). Yes we had to wait in stand by lines but we used the undercover tourist app to check ride times ended up not waiting in line for more than about 30-40 minutes max. Surprisingly we were also able to make several dining reservations. We ate at Coral Reef, Mama Melrose & Kona Café. Overall it was a great last minute trip. It was our 3rd trip to WDW within about 8 months and it was just as fun as our previous trips. I definitely think that lighter crowds helped though! I can imagine that during peak travel times it may be harder to do everything with only 3 fast passes.

What I liked:
No more searching for park tickets, room keys or fastpasses … The magic bands were a game changer. Loved them! The ability to make fast pass reservations from my phone wherever I may be rather than waiting until we got to the park and having to race to the FP machine. The ability to change FP reservations if our plans changed. Ok not a big deal but I liked the fact that cast members knew my name. I was having trouble with my finger print at the entrance of Magic Kingdom and the cast member was like, “ok, just try it again for me Amy”.

My beefs:
For some reason we had issues linking our military ticket to our magic band. Once it was done we found out that my mother-in-law wasn’t showing up in My Disney Experience and her fast passes were screwy the entire time. Fortunately the attraction cast members were great and allowed her to ride with us even if her FP didn’t work. Honestly they were having similar issues with other people so they weren’t going to argue with grandma. I don’t like that the fast passes are clustered within a few hours of each other. I don’t like that all 3 fast passes are in the same park (we park hop). If I’m paying more to park hop shouldn’t Disney give me additional fast passes or at least the ability to split them between multiple parks? I can definitely see FP+ being more problematic with heavier crowds.

People on the boards need to just stop freaking out and try My Magic +. I was totally stressed having zero plans (I usually make spreadsheets) but this trip was so fun! Remember that My Magic + is just the beginning stages and will (likely) get even better. I received a survey after our trip asking my opinion on different changes that are being considered so I know that Disney is still working out the kinks. The magic of WDW is all based on your attitude. Make the best of it people!

We used Magic Bands and My Magic + for our 10th Anniversary trip from November 30-December 10 and we LOVED them. Just my husband and I were traveling together. We were never people to do "extreme maximization" on our fast passes. We would use anywhere from 0-5 per day depending on how crowded the parks were and what we wanted to do on a given day. I am a commando planner (mostly because I can't wait to get to Disney and it helps me kill time until we finally get to go!!), but once we get to the park, we toss the plan out the window and just have fun!

On this trip, we stayed on our recently acquired DVC points at our home resort, Saratoga Springs. Our magic bands worked perfectly as our room keys for both of us. We were using an annual pass for the first time and we had no trouble linking it to our magic bands. We did lose about 20 minutes waiting in line to link the pass because I thought all I needed to do was link it to my MDE account. I forgot that I would need to ACTIVATE the pass before we could use it--oops, my bad. We had tickets for MVMCP that I was not able to link to MDE before we left home. Turns out, that was a blessing in disguise as we were told by CM's that people who had linked them to their accounts were having some problems because the tickets were not linking up correctly. So, there may have been issues there, but we were able to avoid them. I scheduled our FP+ experiences ahead of time and with the exception for the day that my husband had a bout of magical food poisoning (watch out for the turkey sandwich at Starring Rolls), we did not need to change any of our selections. On my resulting solo day at MK, I did change to rides that I prefer over rides that I tolerate but usually have a long line. I had no issues making the switch and I found that booking the night before, many selections were still available that fit my itinerary very conveniently. OH! We did change our Jungle Cruise fast pass on a different day because we found out that a friend from college was also visiting and we hopped over to EPCOT to meet up with her. It was so much more convenient to do photopass with the magic bands because instead of remember which pocket I stashed my photopass card in and juggling the card while I was picking up my bag and getting ready to leave (and I don't even have any children to wrangle). We did have a few photos that we know were taken that were not on our photopass account when we got home, but I don't know if it's a bug in the system or if we just forgot to scan our bands. It's not a big deal to us because we always have the CM take a picture with our camera, too, so its not like we don't have the pictures and we rarely buy a photopass picture anyway. To someone who bought memory maker, this would have possibly been a big deal.

I love the convenience in general. Not having to take off my backpack and find my key to the world card to get into the park, make a purchase, get into my room, pay for food, etc, etc. was AWESOME. I can't lose my fast pass. It's right on my wrist. I do think that the roll out was premature and sloppy, but for Disney IT, I would say that this is the norm. I've always found their website slow, clunky, and frustrating, so my expectations for the user interface were actually pretty low. For our upcoming trip in April, some days I can see the fast passes that I've selected and some days I get an error message and a phone number to call. There are definitely some redundancies, particularly in the fastpass selection screens, but they don't impede my ability to accomplish scheduling my FP+ experiences.

The only real frustration I really have with the system is scheduling FP+ for Be Our Guest and Wishes. For Wishes, I was told by a cast member that the window opens later than it does for the other FP+ selections, but she couldn't tell me when. And for BOG, I have logged into the separate site and selected my time and experience at least 10 times. I can't get my FP+ to actually save and I have no idea why. I was told I should be able to do it 30 days out, but even today, March 11, I cant make a reservation for April 7. There is no error message. When I get to end of the selection process and click "done", it just routes me back to the first screen. If I still can't do it a week from now, I'll call Disney and try to figure it out, but the site is not very user-friendly.

Anyway, for the ability to schedule ANY fast passes ahead of time and for the convenience factor, I am more than willing to put up with the little glitches until Disney figures out how to deal with them. (Had to pause the podcast, so I'm still watching. Thank you for your comments on Duffy. I HATE Duffy. His backstory is so poorly developed and publicized. He is a corporate tool. I want him gone.) Thanks for the opportunity to share. I love the podcast--best and most current Disney info on the web!

I want to drop a short note about our last trip to WDW in November 2013. We a group of ten. 7 adults and 3 kids under 5. We went through a travel agent who really did not want us to use the magic bands because they were still in test mode. But I really wanted my own magic band. I went online and found out that I didn't need to go through my TA to get the bands. I went and set my account, linked my hotel reservations, tickets and family on my app.

30 days before we left I was able to pick our fast passes. I knew that there were certain rides that my little ones want to ride.(Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear, Soarin, Toy Story Mania, Fantasmic and the Safari, rapids, etc. So I got on the first day I could and pick the best time I thought would work for our family. I worked around parades, timeouts, and fireworks. I was also able to get the fastpass for each member of our party.

Being the Disney person that I am (my internet names are imadisneygirl and disneypingirl.) I put my magic band on at the airport. We arrived in Orlando, and were able to use the magic band at the airport to get on the Magical Express.

I really liked not have to get a key out to open our All Star Movies door. ( It really comes in handy when you have a sleeping child in your arms. Our first park was Magic Kingdom. All ten of us went through the gates with no problem what so ever. Our magic bands worked great for the first ride Splash Mountain. The line was 70 mins long. But fastpass was 20 min. We did not even wait that long, we walked right on. Buzz Lightyear was our next ride with fast pass, but the wait was on 10 min. I really didn't want to use our fastpass, so I brought up the app on my phone and changed the fastpass for the Barnstormer. Easy as pie..

Our whole trip was like this. Amazing!!! We even received special fastpasses toward the end of the day. Only once did your magic band not register one ride for one of our group. I had my phone our and ready to show them that we indeed had the fastpass and I had printed out the fast pass also. The CM did not even give us a hard time. He could see that we were all together and let us through.

We also had free dining on our trip. Not once was there a problem with any of the ten people in our group with food.

I can not wait to head back to WDW soon. In fact, I am hoping to squeeze in a few days before we leave on our cruise in April.

I wanted to write a short note to give my opinion of FP+ and Magic Bands. As my pictures prove, we went to WDW over the holidays and had a great time. The four of us spent six nights at Port Orleans (thanks for the tip. Great resort), went to all four parks and even took a side trip to Islands of Adventure. Magic bands and FP+ did not harm our experience. It did enhance it.

For example; On the days we arrived and left, we went to Hollywood Studios. Thanks to FP+ we were able to book rides on all the biggies and even had time for Fantasmic and Holiday lights on a limited schedule. We would have never been able to ride Toy Story Mania If we had arrived after 5 pm. We did. At EPCOT, I accidentally deleted FPs to Soarin. I went over the Kiosk and the guy rebooked everything. He even helped me arrange my schedule to take advantage of our time slots. Tell Kathy, we even had time for Figment. This was the 7th time our family has gone. We have stayed on property every time. Over the years the parks have changed. We have never had a bad stay. The cast members are always busy but incredible. We went last year to celebrate the end of my wife's cancer treatments and the way she was treated by cast members was inspiring. You would have cried. From the cop checking bags outside the park who gave her a big hug to Sara at Prime Time, the cast members are divine.

Life is about change and adapting to change. We generally make rope drop, go hard until lunch, have ADRs for lunch or dinner, take a break and go back in the evening. We have never had a problem riding anything we wanted. In fact, we never waited more than 20 minutes for anything. We rode EE on Christmas Day 13 times. Thanks for info. Keep it up. I sure wish I had ordered a hashtag shirt. I kick myself every time i think about it. I was at All Star Sports Feb 25 - Mar 2, and I used Magic Bands and FastPass+ each day. I planned out my FastPass+ attractions weeks/months ago. I only ended up using about 20% of the FastPasses I signed up for in advance, because I didn't know then what I'd feel like doing during my trip. I took my best guess, and was wrong about 4 out of 5 times. I was either at a different park, or there at a different time, or I just didn't feel like riding at that time. Once, I was able to use the App on my Android to change one I wasn't going to use, to something I was going to get in line for right then--and it worked out well. That was nice. In the end, it was not horrible, but it did seem (to me) to cause longer lines at attractions where in the past there weren't long lines. (Pirates, Buzz Lightyear, Mansion, Living Seas, Living with the Land to be specific.) I would have a strong preference to just get rid of all FastPass entirely and just let us all queue up and move us through as fast as you can. As a side note, we enjoyed our trip by doing non-attractions, and enjoying the beauty of the parks.

Let me just start off with we are in no way Disney world touring veterans. We have only been to the parks 3 times, 2001, 2009 and 2013 each time touring in vastly different ways. The first time with no children, 2nd with a baby and young child and this time with a big age range of family members. We visited the parks the week of December 22 - 29 with 10 of us in our group ages 6,8,12,16 for the kids & 35-70 for adults.Touring the parks with fastpass+ was nothing short of magical. Just the fact that we did not have to be at the park for rope drop to get the passes for headliner rides was a huge deal. Not having to run to Toy Story or Soarin' was a big plus. I am a planner (my wife calls me a vacation Nazi) with all the charts, list and binder I carry with me in the parks. I likes knowing what area of the parks I was going to be in at what times and was able to schedule to be in certain areas at the times I wanted to be there. We were able to do everything we set out to do and despite the crowd levels and had a fanatic trip. Experiencing Fastpass+ we could not imagine going back to the paper pass and would not want to.

Hey podcast crew! Love the show and look forward to it every week to give me a taste of Disney. As far as our FP+ experience goes, you can find my full trip report here: http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3197939 , but I'll give you a summary.

This was an anniversary adult only trip for dh and I. We were there in mid October of 2013 and stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. Beyond a one time issue with reading the bands and not being able to schedule our fp+ on the app for the last day, we really did enjoy the fp+ experience. Keep in mind that we really are anti comandos. We really enjoyed just absorbing our surroundings. I think you are right, a lot of people are afraid of change. But change is life. Life is always moving always morphing and the moment that stops is when things die. I like that things are changing. It keeps things from getting monotonous and allows every vacation to have a balance of old friends and new experiences. In my opinion, do your homework ahead of time but don't get so locked in to a schedule that you have to schedule when you go to the bathroom. Don't let the schedule rule you. Dh and I both enjoyed fp+ and the magicband experience. Dh's only complaint would be that the magicband irritated him a little bit and we both felt that it made our wrist a little sweaty, but that would be about it.

We definitely plan on returning and are just waiting for our daughter to get out of diapers and reach an age to fully be aware of where she is. And the timing should end up being perfect because most of the recent announced big changes should be done and will have had time to really finish tweaking them.

Once again, I love the show and appreciate all that you guys do to bring a taste of Disney into my home each week. Thank you for your hard work!

I have been to Disney World many times but that is because I am lucky to be a Vacation Club member. For my wife and I there is really no problem because if we can’t get a fast pass for a specific attraction one time we can go the next trip. The problem I see is for the family that can only go for a limited amount of time makes the chance to get on certain attractions may mean standing on a long line now. For example if a family doesn’t want to pay for a park hopper and they want to get a fast pass for Test Track and Soarin’ it means they have to go to Epcot on two separate days. This seems unreasonable when most families only can plan for so many days in their vacation. The problem I have is what is FastPass+ accomplishing? What was wrong with the old Fast Pass tickets? Of course there are benefits as well. If you want to go on Toy Story Mania you don’t have to get to the park at rope drop. You can plan for a later time and arrive at the park at your leisure. That is the only benefit to FastPass+ that I could see so please explain to me why they implemented it.

Of course of the rumor comes true about being able to buy additional fast passes that would explain the plan.

It bothered me for a while when ADRs were pretty much needed because it eliminated for the most part my being able to say to my wife “where do you want to eat tonight”. Now that I have to secure it with a credit card it is even worse. It means I can’t change my mind without it costing me money. Yes I now it probably was to keep people from making multiple ADRs but that could have been accomplished in a different way. The final straw for me was making Beaches and Cream an ADR restaurant. In all the years I have been in the Epcot Resort Area (our home resort is Boardwalk) I have never had to wait more than 25 minutes to be seated even when it was crowded.

I guess what I am getting at is it removes most spontaneity from your trip.

Hello Dis team!

I was home from work sick today and got to watch the podcast live! I wanted to reply to your request to people who had experienced Fast Pass Plus and magic bands first hand. My daughter (19yo) and I have used magic bands on two trips. We loved our experiences overall.

We went October 11-15 for MNSSHP. The only issue we had then was our magic band wouldn't work when we were paying at the Crystal Palace. When I first called Disney to book the trip, and the cast member told us we would be part of the magic band test, my daughter and I both did a happy dance while we were still on the phone with him. We couldn't wait to try them out!

My husband gave my daughter and I annual passes for Christmas. We left Dec. 26. and, unfortunately, stayed off property. We were able to link our APs to our magic bands and make Fast Pass selections on Christmas Day before we left Alabama for our 10 hour drive the next day. We showed up the next night at the Magic Kingdom and used the fast passes with no issues. We even got a fast pass for the rose garden viewing for Wishes! We did have a couple of snafus on that trip with old tickets interfering with our APs on our magic bands. Cast members were obviously still learning the system and we were aware of that and remained patient. It took 3 visits to guests services before they were able to remove our old tickets and get our APs working correctly. Each time they gave us a paper fast pass for our trouble. In total we lost about 2-3 hours of our trip dealing with it, but since we got fast passes in return, it kind of balanced out in the end. We had five park days on that trip and had a great time. We love the ability to choose our fast passes in advance (not having to run at a full sprint at rope drop for TSMM FP). Initially we were a little put off by only being able to select 3 FP. But honestly, it has forced us to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, and enjoy rides and attractions we wouldn't normally experience. I keep reading on the boards and hearing rumors that eventually more FP will be available after testing is complete. That will be great, and will probably appease many people, but we have managed just fine with 3.

We also love the convenience of having our room key, tickets, charging privileges, ADRs, FPs and memory maker all in one place. We have a great time at home before our trip planning our FPs and ADRs....it's part of the magical experience for us. I know for people who just want to show up, especially locals, standing in line for the FP kiosk is probably not a lot of fun. Hopefully that will all get worked out as the testing moves along.

We have a deep love of Disney and just feel blessed to be there, so we don't complain about any of it. I am just trusting Disney to work out the kinks in the system. Disney brings joy and a special magic to our life, and we just want to soak that feeling in while we are in the parks.

Btw, I've been watching the podcast for about a year now and never miss it. I'm on the DISboards (j2thomason) and enjoy the information and fellowship there. I currently have two trips booked with Dreams Unlimited for March 24-29 and May 22-26 using Kerrry Mahalik. Thanks for all of the effort that the whole Dis team, Disboards, and Dreams Unlimited puts into making our vacations so memorable and magical. It is truly appreciated.

I have traveled many times over the past few months to WDW. I was slightly leery of the new system. It appeared as though it would be a great big headache and I would be spending my entire trip on my iPhone trying to make sure my vacation went smoothly.

My first trip I used if for lasted ten days and we were a party of four adults. We all got our customized MagicBands prior to our trip and were excited to use them. First positive for me was using the MagicBand at the Disney Magical Express check point. No more need to search for the paperwork. As we were never really heavy duty planners, went with the park we felt like visiting and ate wherever sounded good and didn't have an absurd line; the MyDisneyExperience system fits us quite well. We got up one morning and while I was showering, it was decided we would go to the studios that day. Upon hearing this, I used the app on my iPhone to check for FastPass+'s that were available for that day. Low and behold, we were able to get Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster. Also as a result of being a little laxidazical, we tend not to make rope drop. So being able to get a FastPass for TSM meant we were able to ride it in Florida (first time since 2011). Much of the rest of our trip mirrored this positive experience. I have taken three semi-solo trips since that October trip. meeting friends here and there, but being for all intents and purposes a party of one. The biggest challenge I have experienced in these trips is the ability to meet up with friends and grab a fast pass to ride together. This is also impossible if you are touring the parks with a Cast Member. My next trip is in May and look forward to the ease of the Magic Bands and My Disney Experience will have in store.
Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse,

We were at the World Feb 12 - Feb 17
8th trip in 10 years.

2 adults, 2 kids age 7,10
I'm an uber planner - that's 1/2 the fun.

I could probably talk for hours on the subject but will try to stick to the highlights.

MDE app and website had a few small glitches when I was scheduling initial fast passes but no big deal and the site was pretty fast.

I had no issue whatsoever getting times I wanted, of course it was exactly 60 days in advance. Bands arrived in plenty of time. They aret no ultra comfortable - mainly because they arrive oblong - not round in the box. My wrist is round, not an oval and they never really straightened (or rounded more accurately) out to be more comfy. My daughters, age 7, needed the insert peeled out for her tiny wrists - it came out pretty easy but the edges were sort of serrated which was uncomfortable as the edges rubbed. I was able to sand the edges down with a nail file - inconvenience but it worked, problem solved. Bands worked perfectly at Magical Express.

Bands worked perfectly at check-in, although I still think online check is just as slow as not checking in online, but I digress. Bands worked perfectly to get into room.

Bands worked perfectly to get into parks for 6 days, including hopping. We were loving it! Waiting for the other shoe to drop? It didn't.

I was able to make small tweaks on the MDE app, for example, slept late or waited extra long for bus - no problem, on MDE moved BTMR back an hour. Even worked with Test Track one morning. Just sort of playing with it to see just how flexible I could be - honestly there wasn't 100% availability of 100% of attractions - for example, Toy Story Mania, Peter Pan, etc... didn't have the exact times I might have wanted same day for the most part plenty of flexibility. More than I expected.

Worked GREAT almost every time at FP entrances - a few times there was an extra psuedo queue to the side for FP+ people to line up in but it was 45 seconds max, no big deal but odd to have a line for FP. There was 1 exception and I fully admit I was taking advantage of a glitch. Literally the night before we left Kenny the Pirate posted a glitch that allowed you to double on Tier 1 FP's at EP and HS if you used the change experience option through MDE, sure enough I did this for our trip starting the next day for our one day at HS and EP - worked, no problem, looked good. At HS, no problem as we used FP+ for TSMM and RnR. EPCOT did hit a snag, we scanned at TT that morning and the cast member (a bit rudely) said "you have Soarin' not Test Track", I said no, I have both. She said step a side and show me, I did - she saw on my MDE app both Tier 1 and simply said, talk to him pointing to a roaming FP+ helper with his ipad. I did, he asked when I changed it I said this morning on the bus - which was true for the most recent change, I pushed it back an hour on the bus ride over, he said okay said everything looked good, wanted to be sure we'd be okay later in the day for Soarin' said it looked fine and we were good. Didn't say I was supposed to, or question it - was very friendly and helped us. Scanned again, blue at first but held a few more seconds and green - no problem.

Getting around Tier 1 was without question a HUGE plus - LOVED being able to sleep in and still hit both big attractions for us at EP and HS. Really hope tiers goes away. Never a problem paying with it in gift shops, popcorn stands, restaurants of any kind. Only exception was "over limit" message in the parks on our checkout day as he hit MK before going back for 3pm ME pickup. No big deal - I could have investigated more and will ask about making sure this doesn't happen when we're back in May. Many people on the boards would demand money back for the entire trip with this minor snafu, I just paid cash or a cc for a few things that last 1/2 day.

So overall, outstanding.

When our kids were younger we traveled off season and loved low crowds, always rode everything we wanted multiple times rarely with more than a 5 minute wait. As kids have gotten older and missing school a bigger deal (for them - no us, we don't mind but that's a whole different hotly debated topic!) we've traveled busier times. The lines can suck but we plan and are smart about it. I love that FP+ means no more running around back and forth to gather FP (because "back in the day" that's what I did) which is great. We go at a slower pace now as veterans and FP+ helps that.

One thing I will say - the lines for people that were offsite or maybe AP also at this time around the parks for the FP+ kiosks were insanely long. I can understand that group complaining - that looked miserable. Disney had a TON of people there to help but still not close to enough. But we didn't experience that, just observed it.

As to your survey question for this week - it's flawed. My answer is that I do think WDW has gotten worse - just overall, service not as great, food not as great, merchandise not as great - everything has declined a bit, not drastically and probably still better than most but we used to experience 100% of outstanding people/service/product, etc... Now we get that 50% of the time, maybe 40% good but not great, 5% just average, and 5% crappy. That's probably still better than most places. It's sad, the further removed from Walt in charge they get, the absolute all out dedication to customer service that made Disney is faltering. But the answer to your survey question for me and my family is yes, Disney has gotten worse BUT it's still magical. It's still an amazing place to be, even if not what it once was, in many ways. Happy to talk more if you'd like. Love the show, the websites and boards (although I too am tired of the number of and extremity of the complaints - especially from those that haven't really experienced it.

Last tidbit, I found your show several years ago and one of the first podcasts I heard you talking about kids in the saunas and while I do agree with you I felt you were "on your high horse" and I emailed to call you on it. You replied, thanked me listening and respected my opinion. Because of that response I kept listening, now am a huge fan. And actually love it when Pete is "on his high horse" - he's almost always right!! We've also become a Dreams Unlimited client and Tracey H is amazing and we love the in room gifts, although we'll miss the extension cords you can't provide anymore.

I last visiting the “World” November 1-4 utilizing my magic band and FP+. Having an AP I tend to park hop a lot. Since the addition of FP+ it’s hard to plan in advance because you can’t pick your “evening” park fastpasses. However, when I arrived each night I found the rides and attractions I wanted to visit weren’t as important as just being in Disney with my friend. Also, I was able to adjust my plans to enjoy every aspect of Disney to the best of my ability.

With the addition of FP, I had a great time seeing characters this time as I never wanted to wait in the long lines only to have the character take a break. I have nice pictures with Rapunzel and Snow White that I never would have bothered with before due to lines.

With that being said, I am moving to the Orlando area in the next month. Therefore, my opinion on FP+ may change with the fact that I may not be able to plan my fastpasses the way I did—however, I may not have to either since I can leave at any time.

Also, I try to keep in mind this is still in the testing phase and may change.

When my family of 4 was in Disney Dec. 21-29th we loved the fast pass+. My husband and I were able to plan out our Fast Passes well before we went and we made changes on the fly in the parks. There were times when we decided we wanted to ride something different or see a different show and we made the change on the app. They gave us a general outline for our day but it wasn't like we were on a tight schedule. We still had time between our fast passes to do as we wished.

We were there 9 days so we were able to hit all the main attractions. For instance we went to MK 3 days. We spent the 1st day in Fantasy Land and the 2nd in Frontier Land and the 3rd in Tomorrow Land. I'm sure the length of our trip made a difference. If I were only going to each park 1 time during a trip then we would have to plan differently.

I don't care for the 2 tier system. I feel like I'm being forced to ride or watch a show. My kids are young so there are shows that they came in handy for. In September 2012 we were a part of the fast pass+ test. I think what they should bring back from that test is the general rule for the fast passes. We started with 3 each day. Once we had used 2 of the fast passes we were then able to get one more. So at all times we could have 2 fast passes but with no over lapping times. This was perfect. I'm not sure why they strayed from this.

Love the show and my family and I are really excited to attend the meet in Ft. Worth. Just a side note since you have never been to Ft. Worth, you should go eat at Joe T. Garcia's. It is cash only. The margarita's are Awesome. It is the largest restaurant in Texas and sitting in the outside area is really nice. Have a safe trip!

We traveled to WDW October 27 - November 2 2013. It was the first trip for my daughters and we went with a group of 6 (4 adults, 1 child, & 1 infant). We are DVC members and in our party we had 2 Annual Passes, 3 7-Day Park Hoppers, and 5 MNSSHP tickets. I will say our experiences with FP+ was very hit and miss. I am a planner when I visit Disney. For example, we are traveling again in September 2014 and I already have our park days scheduled on my calendar as well as knowing where we would like to get our ADRs and Bibbity Bobbity Boutique reservations.

When setting up our My Magic + accounts for my mom and myself our other family members got crossed under my mother's account and it caused lots of confusion when trying to keep track of MagicBands, tickets, & FP+ reservations. We also attempted to link my parents annual passes, our park hoppers and our MNSSHP tickets to our accounts. I would say over the course of 6 months I probably spent close to 20 hours on the phone with technical support trying to fix our accounts.

As for making FP+ selections online before we left I found the selection process to be very easy and we were able to make selections for our entire travel party. Once we arrived in Disney we experienced many problems. Our tickets would disassociate from our bands thus removing our ability to use our FP+ selections. We spent a good 4 hours over our 7 days in WDW with guest services attempting to re-associate our park tickets, remove the MNSSHP tickets from our account, and reactivating our MagicBands. When attempting to use FP+ at the rides there were numerous times that when my husband and my father would swipe their MagicBand the CM would inform us that they had no FP+ associated. Thankfully my mother and myself had our phones with the MDE App and we could prove that in fact our entire party did have valid FP+. All but one CM waived us through with no problem. The one CM that did not let us through was quickly dealt with by a supervisor.

My largest complaint is the fact that Tech Support, front line CMs, Guest Services, and other supervisors were almost as clueless as the guests when attempting to trouble shoot problems. My other complaint is that we are a park hopping family, especially with two your children. We like to spend the morning in a park, go back to the room for lunch and a nap, then visit a second park in the evening. FP+ is a system the penalizes park hoppers because it only allows for FP+ selections in one park per day. I would really like to see this changed as the system is finalized.

I hope our experience helps shed some light on the entire FP+ program. Is it a system with flaws? Yes, but I believe that if they make some changes they can have a good system that will help enhance the guest experience.

Was there mid December for 10 days. Stayed at AKL DVC. 4 people. 2 adults (late 30’s) and 2 girls (12 and 9)

We went in actually excited for using the MDX / MB and FP+. There was a small issue where they sent us two sets of magic bands since our first day was at AoA before transferring to AKL. But the Hotel Desk got that fixed real quick. There was also an issue where my wife’s MB had an issue opening the room door and my one daughter didn’t have purchase privileges when I had set it up for everyone to have those privileges. Issues were quickly fixed with a phone call and didn’t dampen our spirits. I had read a lot and was as prepared as I think I could be for it when we went.

That said. Our family is not going to be the typical Disney family. Everyone in my family is a Disney fan. We listen to multiple podcasts a week, are D23 / AP holders who can travel 2-3 times a year. I’m a Systems lead for a very large computer company that starts with an I and ends with an M.

Our usage of the system was easy. Get to the parks when they open, tour without the fast passes and schedule the FP+ reservations for the evening when the parks are getting busy.

We found the system worked pretty good. They need a better way of more quickly scanning people through the FP+ entrance gate, or design a small queue so that line cutters or blocking general foot traffic becomes less of an issue. After we got home I sent an email to Disney with our experience as I felt that was fair and would I hope be helpful. They sent me a nice letter in the mail and a small gift. The middle of December is not as busy as other times. Our next trip is mid April for spring break. I can’t wait to get out of the Buffalo cold and snow!!!!!!. It will be much busier so it will be interesting to see how the experience changes. Our plan is the same though. Get there at opening and save the passes till later. Also because we spend 20-30 days year giving the mouse our vacation money, we aren’t always concerned with riding every ride. We enjoy just being there.

A family who had less Disney experience as us and had less time might be more pressured to try and do more faster and I could see it being more stressful or I could the family not knowing about it at the beginning of the trip and by the end feeling they were cheated because they didn’t get a chance to utilize it as well as they could have.

I just visited Walt Disney World last week; Feb 28th through March 4th. This was a short trip to keep my Mom positive during her Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Treatment (relapse). It was 4 adults and my 7 year old daughter. I thought the FP+ was wonderful, this is the first time I even used fast passes. I liked that I could do a few fast passes for my parents to use in the morning and then my husband, daughter and I could use passes for us later on rides/shows we wanted to do.

The best part?? If we came across a ride that we DID have a fast pass for but the wait wasn’t long, we waited in the regular line and then change the fast pass for something else. It was great!! At one point we were in line for a ride, I realized I had a fast pass left to use so I switched it while in line so we got out of the regular line and off to the fast pass – that was GREAT!!! You just have to know what your doing and how to use it to your advantage. I have to note, though – we go to Disney every six months so we didn’t feel like we needed to do everything. If it is a family’s only trip for a few years, I can see how frustrating it might be if you don’t know what your doing. This is when you need a Disney professional to help plan!!

Thanks for your show, I love it!

We were in Disney from 3/2/2014 - 3/10/2014

There were 6 of Us, Me, My Wife, my 4 year old son, My Mom, My Dad, and My Grandmother.

With the exception of two dining reservations we did not plan anything at all before hand. With a mother in a wheelchair and a 4 year old we did not plan ahead as we were limited by there moods and how they felt physically.

I really enjoyed fastpass+. Most days I did not try and make Fastpass+ reservations until the night before or in the morning on the bus on the way to the parks. The fastpass+ mixed with early park arrival actually worked out perfectly. We used it for the things that we aren't really willing to wait in a long line for. For example my son got to meet Rapunzel and over the 9 days there was able to ride the Tomorroland speedway 4 times. There were definitely hiccups, our account got duplicated but after a 5 minute call it was quickly fixed. Other times the app didn't work,and it never worked for dining reservations.

There is definitely room for improvement but it enhanced our trip and did not hinder it in anyway.

I used the fastpass+ system during my visit December 1 – 8. My family was made up of myself (27), wife (26), two daughters (4 yrs old & 9 months first visit), father (52, first visit), mother-in-law (52) and brother-in-law (11, first visit). I really had no complaints about the system. Easy to use and I was able to change fastpasses fairly easily, as long as I had reception. My only complaint was the number of fastpasses you can get and the whole tier system. I am a huge planner and the first day using fastpass+ was exhausting. We were running from one side of the park to another. The rest of our stay I was more strategic when timing the fastpasses. I was able to make the fastpasses on my iPhone for everyone and change them also. I noticed wait times were long for some rides due to this I guess. Overall everyone enjoyed themselves and I don’t think fastpass+ messed our trip up at all. I am a dvc member and by no means do I feel the need to never go back. I will be going back on a yearly basis. Hope this helps. Love the show & keep up the great work.

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