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Disney Cruise Line - Stateroom 7521 Report

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Review by: disneymomto5
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 7521 Condition: 4
Deck: 7 Category: 11A Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 08/29/15   

Notes: Cabin was great in regard to noise, movement and location. A little cramped with 4 people, but we made do. Would definitely book again.

Review by: Disney52303
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 7521 Condition: 4
Deck: 7 Category: 11C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 04/14/12   

Notes: This was a decent stateroom for an inside. We really liked that it was tucked in a side hallway. Pretty far Forward and it was very quiet with little traffic, which was great. The porthole was a nice addition, though the characters are few and far between. Once it gets dark, the view doesn't work but it is nice to keep on during the day. Storage was a bit lacking but we got creative by using desk drawers and the storage trunk for the kids' clothes. We don't spend a ton of time in our room so this was adequate for us, definitely larger than inside staterooms on other cruise lines.

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